KSB: Pumps for the world’s most modern coal-fired power plant

Wednesday, April 16th, 2014 by admin Posted in In Gerneral, Industry News, Power Generation

LUV, komplett montiert.KSB has been awarded contracts by two Chinese power plant constructors to supply four new-generation boiler recirculation pumps. The pump sets are destined for the two new Chinese power stations: Laiwu in the province of Shandong and Taizhou in the province of Zhejiang.  These power stations are being designed to use twice-heated boiler technology, the only technology of its kind in the world which is capable of handling the highest temperature and pressure requirements for power plant boilers. The boiler recirculation pumps from the LUVAk series are designed for a pressure of 400 bar and an operating temperature of 425 °C. The pumps are driven by high-voltage motors with supply voltages of 6,000 volts and 10,000 volts and a drive rating of around 800 kW.

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Lewa: New plunger pump according to API 674

Wednesday, April 16th, 2014 by admin Posted in In Gerneral, Oil / Gas

QuintuplexThis new generation of pumps has splitted gear housings. This special feature significantly facilitates maintenance, permitting the use of a fully balanced crankshaft which generates less noise and vibration, thus reducing wear. The power range was also extended with two quintuplex plunger pumps.  The very short design of these plunger pumps is made possible by the special alignment of the plunger and crosshead. These pumps also have high efficiency, low energy consumption, and a long service life.

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WEG: New permanent-magnet motor surpasses IE4 standard

Thursday, April 10th, 2014 by admin Posted in Energy Efficiency, Pump Drives

WEG2177_Bild1WEG has launched a permanent-magnet motor that fulfils this demanding requirement, making it one of the first to qualify for the IE5 Ultra Premium Motor designation.  With losses roughly 20 % lower than Super Premium models, it is among the first Ultra Premium motors on the market that fulfil the present criteria for the potential IE5 energy efficiency class. This makes the W22 permanent-magnet motor one of the most efficient electric motors currently available world-wide.

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KSB: Software for building services consultants

Thursday, April 10th, 2014 by admin Posted in Building Services, Energy Efficiency, In Gerneral, Industry News

KSB presented a new selection program called KSBase Consult Building. It enables the simple hydraulic selection of pumps and valves for all important fluid circuits in building services systems and, at the same time, creates the corresponding tender texts. Consequently, it is a program that covers both pumps and valves.

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March 2014 – Top 10 posts on Δ p Global Online

Monday, March 31st, 2014 by admin Posted in In Gerneral, Industry News

The following posts on Δ p Global Online have been most clicked in last month:

  1. Sero: Side Channel Pump presence in the Asia/Pacific region
  2. Wilo: High-pressure centrifugal pump with IE4 motor technology
  3. Crane: New nopped diaphragm for chemical processing applications
  4. Wilden shows new air distribution system for AODDP
  5. Atlas Copco: Small pump range for the American market with 60Hz variants
  6. Oerlikon Leybold: New turbo molecular pump
  7. KSB: New powerful in-line pumps for building services applications
  8. KSB: Motor-mounted speed control system for centrifugal pumps
  9. PSG announces change in corporate organizational structure
  10. Andritz: Start up of submersible motor pumps on North Sea drilling platforms

In the same periode on Δ p Online – the German pumps + systems plattform – these posts are most clicked:

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Grundfos appoints new CEO and Group President

Monday, March 31st, 2014 by admin Posted in In Gerneral, Industry News

Mads Nipper becomes new CEO and Group President of Grundfos. He comes from a position as Executive Vice President of LEGO. He will be joining the company August 1st 2014.

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Prüftechnik: Wireless vibration analysis

Monday, March 31st, 2014 by admin Posted in Component Pump Parts, In Gerneral, Measure + Control, Pump Sensors

Power stationVibconnect RF is a condition monitoring system for large facilities with many standard machines like pumps. Even if there is no line-of-sight between the base station and the sensor units, the wireless signals are transmitted error-free. A new firmware update elevates this wireless online condition monitoring system to a higher plane. With its wireless technology, it fits for applications, which require the wireless transfer of vibration measurement data over long distances. The new firmware update includes several powerful new features:

  • Sending status and alarm emails,
  • supporting Modbus TCP,
  • reducing data overload,
  • live visualization of measurement data and
  • providing a 24V sensor unit version.

The new features are supported by the current version of the proven Omnitrend software.

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Carbon-graphite components for pumps

Friday, March 28th, 2014 by admin Posted in Component Pump Parts

end plate 3M1_2050The carbon-graphite components provide superior lubrication in most environments, and are ideal for pumping liquids with poor lubricating qualities, strong chemicals that attack metals, and to pump air, vacuum, combustion products and gasoline vapors. Metallized Carbon’s carbon-graphite vanes, rotors, and end plates are used in such dry running applications as automotive anti-smog pumps and gasoline vapor pick up pumps, breathable air pumps and vacuum pumps. In-liquid applications include vending machine beverage pumps, fuel and liquid chemical pumps, and medical liquid pumps.

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Colfax: Stators up to triple service life

Tuesday, March 25th, 2014 by admin Posted in Component Pump Parts, In Gerneral, Pump Maintenance, Pump Technology, Waste Water

!cid_7373C761E0C2C22CF1DC@TENNCOMANEUHAUThe new stator material named Alldur was specially developed for use in sewage treatment plants and for pumping abrasive wastewater. The elastomer’s new chemical composition and production methods can increase service life by up to three times.  Alldur stators are now available in all Allweiler brand progressing cavity pumps.

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Lewa contracts an international cooperation with BP

Tuesday, March 18th, 2014 by admin Posted in In Gerneral, Industry News

Lewa GmbH have been awarded a five year global framework agreement with BP to supply Chemical Injection Packages for BP’s Global Projects Organisation.

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