Metering pumps optimise cathode materials for lithium batteries

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Solenoid diaphragm metering pumps type gamma/ X

Ternary oxide systems containing lithium guarantee a high energy density, long service life and high number of charge cycles for lithium storage batteries. Metering systems ensure the quality of the precursors needed for production.

The most important storage materials for lithium ion batteries are lithium nickel manganese cobalt oxides, or NCM for short. Various manufacturers in China have specialised in the production of the ternary precursors needed for this. Their appearance, particle size, size distribution, declared purity, beat density and many other characteristics are important to determining the properties of the sintered cathode end product. The manufacturers needed to find reliable and accurate metering pumps and systems that were able to meet the stringent quality requirements of manufacturing ternary precursors.

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Endress+Hauser receives the Swiss Technology Award for flowmeter

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With the Promass Q, Endress+Hauser has won the Swiss Technology Award in the Innovation Leaders category. The Coriolis-based flowmeter, developed especially for applications in the oil & gas and food & beverage industries, was cited for its outstanding measurement accuracy, even in difficult operating conditions. The prize was awarded on Thursday during the Swiss Innovation Forum.

The Swiss Technology Award is considered Switzerland’s most important innovation and technology prize. Endress+Hauser was one of nine finalists out of 60 applicants who were selected to present their product or technological innovation to the main jury. The winners were chosen and recognized in front of more than 1,000 guests from business, science and government during the Swiss Innovation Forum in Basel, Switzerland.

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Energy-efficient pump systems for water supply

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With the use of the permanent magnet technology, oddesse pumps and motors factory developed an energy-efficient pumping system to support water supply companies to sustainably reduce energy consumption and thus contribute to the protection of the environment.

In the past, the efficiency of pump systems was often calculated by solely considering the efficiency of the pump. The efficiency of the motor, on the other hand, which is determined by the ratio between the electrical input and the mechanical output, has been largely ignored. However, the overall efficiency of the complete pumping system has an impact on the energy costs, which, as the decisive factor, account for more than 80% in the efficiency analysis. By optimizing the overall system, the greatest savings in electricity costs can be achieved.

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Grundfos is expanding in India

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Grundfos takes another important step in India with the opening of a new plant in Dantali, Gujarat. From here, Grundfos is going to produce and ship boosters and boxed products to  customers in the Northern regions of India, and it will supply the global Grundfos operations organization with stainless steel components.

“This is also a significant strategic move in the important Indian market. We strengthen our presence and closeness to customers in this region, and we establish ourselves in the vibrant and green frontrunner state Gujarat,” said Stéphane Simonetta, Group Executive Vice President and COO.

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Simplified servicing in beneficiation plant

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Until January 2017, a copper beneficiation plant in Zambia was using pumps from six different manufacturers, including units from Netzsch. Attributable to the large number of different models, this resulted in a steadily growing inventory of similar spare parts and maintenance procedures. Thereby, the effort and costs for necessary maintenance of the pumps were constantly increasing as a result. Following a thorough review of the reliability and service life of its pumps, the plant operator decided to simplify its spare parts inventory and maintenance – and only use pumps from Netzsch as a single supplier.

The Zambian company replaced 36 pumps for polymer applications and saved 1 million dollars by reducing its spare parts inventory as well.

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Optimizing critical transfer tasks

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Processing fish, lard and vegetable oils is the main business of Olvea Group in the small town of Fecamp, close to the English Channel in the northwest of France. These oils that were arriving at the plant were to be used for specific end products. This included the creation of cosmetics, pharmaceuticals, human food and animal feed, as well as various technical uses, such as the building of lasers and as lubricants for leather and metal work.

These processes require strict purity for the oils as they move from transport truck to storage tank to 330-gallon intermediate bulk containers (IBC) and 50-gallon drums, meaning that no cross-contamination could be tolerated. Additionally, because of the high value of the oils, any products that were left in the transport truck, storage tank or hoses after the transfer process was completed would essentially be lost during the necessary cleaning process.

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Multiphase pump installation allowing wells to come back to production

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Crosbys Creek Oil & Gas  LLC, based in Ridgeland, MS,  is an independent American producer producing in Choctow County in Northern Alabama, USA. These fields are older and have produced oil and gas for many years.  Over time the natural reservoir pressure has dropped off to a point where some wells are not able anymore to overcome the back pressure generated by the surface flow lines and the first stage separator of the process facility. The company had heard about multiphase pumping. This economic alternative caught the interest of the management as the production was expected to remain interesting for years to come.

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What will the pump of the future look like?

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Few components in plant and equipment engineering are as steeped in tradition as the pump. But how does this fit in with the age of digitalisation? And is it even possible to design a hydraulic element that is fit for Industry 4.0? KSB has been reconciling these two worlds successfully for some time now.

KSB has always focused primarily on the optimisation of pumps – knowing the exact load profile and tuning the pump to the operating point. This is borne out by the sheer number of different pump casings and materials used and the impeller adjustment options available. However, conditions can change during the life of a pump and it often happens that a pump no longer runs at the optimum operating point. This also applies to newly installed pumps. For years now, KSB experts have therefore been investigating how to optimise pumps more easily without using complex analytics or even having to replace the pump.

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Packaged Pumping Solutions

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The Packaged Pumping Systems are engineered pump units equipped with simple site connections to meet the needs of demanding flow control applications in variety of industries.  This system is answering to the industry demand for faster, simpler and safer installations.

The Flowrox systems have many integrated control options to meet the various user demands according to specific industry standards.


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Andritz: Pump technology for over 165 years

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In 2017, the Andritz Group has over 25,000 employees at 250 locations in over 40 countries. The international technology group is a world market leader for the supply of plants, equipment, and services for hydropower stations, the pulp and paper industry, the metalworking and steel industries, for solid/liquid separation in the municipal and industrial sectors, and for animal feed and biomass pelleting. In addition to turnkey hydropower plants, Andritz develops and manufactures high-quality large and standard pumps for many different industries and applications worldwide. These include pumps for large infrastructure projects for irrigation, desalination, and drinking water supply, for drainage of mines, as well as for the pulp and paper and the food industry.

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