Dickow delivers 200.000st pump to Eastman Chemical, NL

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Johann Tremmel, Michaela Dickow, Ralph Schommer (all Dickow Pumpen, from left to right) and 200.000st pump before delivery.

Johann Tremmel, Michaela
Dickow, Ralph Schommer (all from Dickow, l.t.r.) and 200.000st pump

Recently Eastman put three new parts into operation at the site in Middelburg: a 35-meter high destillation tower, a loading and unloading dock for trucks, and a storage tank with an internal floating roof.

This project includes 19 Dickow pump units with motor, coupling and base plate. The pumps installed are type HZMR (horizontal multistage, magnetic coupled), NMR (horizontal single stage, magnetic coupled) and NCL (horizontal single stage, mechanically sealed). Amongst these is Dickows’ 200.000st pump, used for the new storage tank with floating roof.


KSB: Mobile app brings Industry 4.0 to all pumps

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KSB_Sonolyzer_001The KSB Sonolyzer app is based on an algorithm that has been integrated in PumpMeter units for five years now, of which well over 30,000 have already been sold.
The smartphone-based application does not require knowledge of the individual characteristic curve or any additional technical data of the pump set to be measured, however, and can also be used with pumps from other manufacturers. Users can utilise the app to determine the load at which each centrifugal pump driven by a fixed-speed asynchronous motor is being operated. The following data must be entered for this purpose: the motor rating, the rated motor speed, the head and the flow rate of the pump. This information can be read from the name plate affixed to every pump.
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Lewa: Safe pumping of sour crude oil

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SauerölpumpeCritical applications of conveying mixtures of acidic hydrocarbon/water to the washing system are a challenge for any pump manufacturer. This was also the case in one recent project Lewa handled in the Emirate of Abu Dhabi. Lewa have designed and supplied 16 pumps to a major construction company in Abu Dhabi specifically designed to handle this critical application. Two processes required to pump

  • liquid hydrocarbons from the flare knock-out drum or the blow-down drum respectively and
  • convey the acidic hydrocarbon/water mixture back into the oil line to the washing system

Since the differences in these two processes are only minor, it was possible to supply 16 mechanically identical pumps of the Ecoflow series, driven by 55 kW electric motors.

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Top 10 posts on Δ p Global Online in April 2015

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The actual Top 10 on Δ p GLOBAL Online:

Here the actual Top 10 on the German  Δ p Online

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A snap-shot on Δ p Global Yearbook 2015 edition

Friday, April 24th, 2015 by admin Posted in Component Pump Parts, Energy Efficiency, Gaskets Seals, In Gerneral, Pump Applications, Pump Drives, Pump Technology

This index of contents gives you a snap-shot of the next edition:

  • Electromechanical diaphragm pump in PVC production plant Abel, Germany
  • Thermoplastic and Fiberglass pumps for corrosive liquids Affetti, Italy
  • Special centrifugal pump with high intrinsic safety Bungartz, Germany
  • Sealless Magnetic Coupled Gear Pumps Dickow, Germany/Tuthill, USA
  • New E Series’ achieves the EHEDG seal of approval Flotronic, UK
  • Explosion-proof drum emptying system for materials just capable of flowing Flux, Germany
  • Pump for liquid coating materials HNPM, Germany
  • ATEX zone I inside in a twin screw pump ITT Bornemann, Germany
  • “Plug & Pump“ – A New Generation of Double Volute Twin Screw Pumps Klaus Union, Germany
  • Individual solutions from the progressing cavity pump toolbox Knoll, Germany
  • Pump coupling optimizing safety and service life KTR, Germany
  • New canned motor pumps for chemical and process engineering applications KSB, Germany
  • New screw pump for API applications Leistritz, Germany
  • From the rugged process diaphragm pump to the high-precision micro-metering pump Lewa, Germany
  • Neo WiFi Inverters Motive, Italy
  • New standards in accuracy and reliability with the new solenoid driven metering pump ProMinent, Germany
  • The importance of energy saving SAER, Italy
  • Stepping up the pressure with self-priming centrifugal pumps Schmalenberger, Germany
  • More than 40 years in metering and dosing Seko, Italy
  • From baking trays to dosing specialist Sera, Germany
  • A valve for high pressures and all load conditions Schroeder Valves, Germany
  • Efficient marathon runners Uraca, Germany
  • Cost-neutral modernisation secure water supply in Jordan Wilo, Germany

Δ p Global is free of charge for pump users and planners.

Order your Δ p Global Yearbook 2015 copy.


Almatec: Flexible choice of product connections

Monday, April 20th, 2015 by admin Posted in In Gerneral, Pump Technology

Almatec_CXM_BildThe new Almatec air-operated diaphragm pump series CXM – shown at Achema 2015 –  consists of four sizes and can be equipped with seven different product connections. This is possible thanks to the modular design of the pumps. For each pump of the sizes 20, 50 and 130 two center blocks are available with different connection types and sizes.

This wide range of product connections allows a precise adjustment of the pump to the specific application. This is reinforced by the alternative choice between a ball and cylinder valve system, which can also be converted to each other. Ball valves are ideal for liquids containing particles, cylinder valves for superior suction lift.

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KSB: New canned motor pumps

Thursday, April 16th, 2015 by admin Posted in Chemical, Cryogenic Cooling, In Gerneral, Oil / Gas, Pump Applications

EcochemAchema 2015 will see KSB showcase totally leak-free canned motor pumps from the Ecochem Non-Seal range designed to transport hazardous, aggressive, flammable and explosive fluids. The pumps are also capable of handling toxic and extremely hot or cold media as well as volatile or valuable liquids.

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Oerlikon Leybold Vacuum celebrates 165 years vacuum technology

Tuesday, April 14th, 2015 by admin Posted in In Gerneral, Industry News, Vacuum Pumps

The foundation stone was laid in 1850: In this year, the company’s founder Ernst Leybold officially took over this enterprise as his own, paving the way for a comprehensive industrial use of vacuum technology. Even after selling the company again in 1970, his vision remained. One of the most important mile stones in the company’s history is the development of the molecular pump by physicist Prof. Dr. Wolfgang Gaede.

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Abel: Hydraulic Triplex Diaphragm Pumps at Achema

Tuesday, April 14th, 2015 by admin Posted in Chemical, In Gerneral, Pump Applications, Pump Technology

Hydraulische Triplex MembranpumpeVery high operating pressures in connection with increased flow rates create special environments for pumps. When aggressive, toxic, flammable, shear-sensitive or abrasive materials are present, a HMT pump is suitable. This simple operating, slow-running triplex piston diaphragm pump operates safely, even when dry, and can be utilised in conditions where the pressures reach 250 bar.

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Hapag Lloyd chooses electronic pump control from Colfax

Wednesday, April 8th, 2015 by admin Posted in In Gerneral, Industry News, Shipbuilding

Hapag Lloyd will equip ships of the 13,200-TEU Hamburg Express class and other vessels with the CM-1000® pump control system. The CM-1000 system controls the flow rates of seawater cooling pumps based on the temperature of the fresh water and the current need for coolant. As a result, the amount of seawater pumped into the seawater cooler matches requirements, saving electrical power on board the ship.

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