Ifat 2020: Andritz presents an extensive product portfolio with numerous innovations



International technology group Andritz will be exhibiting its broad range of proven and also new technologies, services, and automation solutions for the water, wastewater, waste management, and raw materials industries at the Ifat 2020 show in Munich, Germany, from May 4–8, 2020, booth 439 in hall A1 and booth 151/250 in hall B6.

At the world’s leading fair for environmental technologies, Andritz will be presenting its products at the 196 m² booth in hall A1 as a supplier of efficient and sustainable, complete solutions for water and wastewater management with the motto “One company. One mission. One sustainability.” Special focus will be on innovations like the standard water pump series ES05, the new series of Aqua-Screen fine screens, the decanter centrifuge DU, and intelligent control systems for pumps, separation and filtration equipment, but also complete processes.

The new, single-stage centrifugal pump from the ES05. Photo: Andritz

Andritz will present the new, single-stage centrifugal pump from the ES05 series for the first time at Ifat 2020. This standard water pump features low energy consumption, which results in much lower operating costs. Available with the proven, closed Andritz impeller design, the pump achieves

  • efficiencies of up to 88 % and
  • a flow rate of up to 743 m³/h at 50 Hz.

The exhibit visualizes that the pump is the ideal solution for conveying clean water without any particles or solids for water supply, distribution to various industries and for the drinking water supply.

The Andritz pump controller (APC)

… is another innovation presented for the first time at Ifat 2020. This is a technology for flexible control of up to six pumps of different sizes and output that are interconnected to form a complete assembly. Various different functions, such as operating, display, reporting, control and adjustment of such defined control variables as pressure, head and flow rate are provided in a central and compact unit – the APC. The control system is pre-programmed to the plant’s general conditions, with the result that no trained personnel, nor any equipment or programming skills are needed on site for start-up. With the different configuration options, operating modes and available sensors can be integrated into the system with just a few clicks. Besides direct control on site, it is also possible to access the APC at any time and from anywhere in the world by means of a remote interface.

The experts at our booth can also provide information about a new product for pump service by showing an exhibit: the screw conveyor made of the highly wear-resistant material Robalon. Compared to conventional steel screws, it achieves energy savings of up to 30 % and efficiency increases of up to 15 %. The material features excellent sliding properties, extreme wear resistance, high impact resistance and very good resistance to chemicals.




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