About Δ p

Δ p  Mission

For over 25 years Δ p (Delta p) in German and the international Δ p Global were the leading trade magazines for topics related to pumps and systems – in Germany, Europe and world-wide. In 2019 we completed the digital transformation to pure online communication. The outstanding advantages of digitization are:

  • The flow of information is faster.
  • There are over 60,000 contact opportunities per month for your communication.
  • We rely on “pull” instead of “push”.
  • Advertising is much more economical and more precise in terms of time and
  • the digital archive and find functions ensure a long-term effect.

Now Δ p is the leading German-language pump blog and Δ p Global is the pump & systems bolg with an international focus. Δ p Global concentrates on pump technology, techniques in use for pumping and metering liquids, fluids and gases and their applications in operational practice. Δ p Global – the international pump blog – informs users, developers and practitioners in all industries in which liquids are transported, dosed or treated. Technical and application articles, current product information and news from and for these industries form the editorial framework.

Δ p Global is where the pump industry shows its new and further developments.