Europump President Luboš Michlík Outlines Vision and Priorities for European Pump Industry




Luboš Michlík

Luboš Michlík became President of Europump, the European Pump Association, in June 2023 following his two-year tenure as Vice President. He has brought to the role a wealth of experience and a clear vision for the future of the European pump industry. As President, Michlík is committed to advancing Europump’s mission of promoting excellence, innovation, and sustainability within the pump sector.

An experienced Engineer, specialising in sales and project management across the rotating machinery sector, Luboš has held various key positions with Czech Republic pump manufacturer, Sigma Group, best known for its mid-size, heavy and one-off specialised pumps and pumping sets for a wide range of industrial applications. He currently holds the position of CEO and Member of the Board of Directors, with responsibility for corporate structure, managing overall business operations, and setting the company’s strategic direction.

As a representative of CPMA, (the Czech pump manufacturers association) Luboš has served Europump for many years. He became a Council Member in January 2019, and Chaired the strategic Blueprint Working Group before his election as First Vice-President in May 2021. He succeeds Vanni Vignoli, Chief Technical Officer at Wateralia and Council Member of Assopompe, Europump’s Italian association member, who held the position for the preceding two years.

Under Michlík’s leadership, Europump is dedicated to enhancing collaboration between industry stakeholders and regulatory bodies to ensure the development and implementation of robust standards and directives. The association remains actively engaged in important initiatives related to various applicable directives, including the Eco-Design Directive, the Energy Labelling Directive, the Machinery Directive, and the Drinking Water Directive, each of which will have a significant impact on the pump sector.

Another key topic of interest for both the Technical and Standards Commissions within Europump is the restriction in use of PFAS materials (per- and polyfluoroalkyl substances). Given their presence in a wide variety of products associated with pump installations, such as sealings, bearings, cable sheaths, coatings, pump inserts and membranes, any restriction must be fully considered, and possible alternatives identified, before any changes come into force.

“As President of Europump, my primary focus is to champion the interests of the European pump industry and drive positive change that benefits both our members and society as a whole,” says Luboš Michlík. “We are committed to upholding the highest standards of quality, safety, and environmental responsibility across all aspects of our industry.”

As Europump continues its complex work under Michlík’s leadership, assisted by the Chairs and members of the various commissions – Standards, Technical, Marketing and SME – the association remains steadfast in its dedication to advancing the interests and priorities of the European pump industry, while promoting sustainability, innovation, and excellence across all aspects of its work.