New vacuum turbopump for ion implantation applications



With the HiPace 2800 IT Pfeiffer Vacuum presents a turbopump especially dedicated for ion implantation applications. The sophisticated rotor design of the turbopump results in an optimized pumping speed for light gases. This ensures particularly good process adaption for ion implantation processes, were hydrogen is the most accumulating gas. The new HiPace 2800 IT offers a flow rate of 2,600 l/s for hydrogen.

The temperature management system prevents process condensation and deposition inside the pumping system. It allows setting the temperature individually to ideally support the process. The special coating of the rotor ensures robustness against all ion implantation process materials. Being based on a so-called hybrid bearing, a combination of ceramic ball bearings on the fore-vacuum side and permanently magnetic radial bearings on the high vacuum side, these HiPace turbopumps have a robust bearing design.