Whitepaper: Leak Detection for Electric Vehicle Battery Production



Electric vehicles are a decisive factor in reducing CO2 emissions in
road traffic. They store the energy required for propulsion in batteries
and an electric motor converts it into motion. If the batteries are
charged with electricity from renewable energy sources, they even
have a completely CO2-free energy balance. Today, lithium-ion
batteries are used almost exclusively as accumulators. Vacuum
technology is indispensable for their production.

This white paper shows how test gas leak detection ensures quality

The proper functioning, quality and safety of lithium-ion batteries, which are
used as accumulators in electric vehicles, depends on their integrity and
impermeability to external influences such as moisture ingress. For this
reason, leak detection systems are used in battery production to check the
batteries. Pfeiffer Vacuum supplies the necessary vacuum solutions from a
single source.

You can download the white paper as a PDF here:

  application-report-leak-detection-for-electric-vehicle-battery-production.pdf (160.3 KiB, 280 hits)