This new online measuring technology can detect nearly any change in liquid properties straight from the process in real-time. The novel technology enables continuous process monitoring and is universally suitable for all fluids, from thin to thick.

Collo’s eight-dimensional multiparameter, real-time analysis makes it possible to adjust a wide array of different liquid processes immediately when there is a quality issue.

This technology – developed by Colloidtek in Finland – is based on RF signals that can penetrate any liquid, machine learning, and sophisticated edge computing analysis. It is a simple-to-use solution that adapts to any liquid process automatically and results in an eight-dimensional multiparameter, real-time analysis that makes it possible to adjust the process immediately when there is a quality issue.

“The technology – called Collo – can detect nearly any thinkable change in the liquid properties in real-time”, says Matti Järveläinen, CEO and founder of ColloidTek. “The result is a continuous quality control, contrary to the normal, time-consuming quality control process based on blind samples and laboratory analyses. Collo’s liquid fingerprint technology gives the manufacturing industry an opportunity to ensure that a liquid process behaves consistently from batch to batch. As an example, it can monitor fermentation processes widely used in food, cosmetics, and pharmaceutical industries and many other bioprocesses, to ensure that the delicate microbiological process is progressing as intended.”

Mikko Tielinen, Head of Sales (left), and Matti Järvinen, CEO of ColloidTek, know their ways among the pipes and tanks at a liquid processing facility.

“The number of scrapped end-products can be minimized if the quality deviations are detected early in the process,” says Mikko Tielinen, Head of Sales. “Why invest in a new factory if it is possible to radically enhance the production at the current factory just by improving the way the process quality is measured?”

Protecting ecosystems

Fast response to liquid quality changes can be critical in other applications as well. Collo recently conducted a study to find out how unsupervised machine learning could be used to detect abnormal qualities in sewage waste. The study was conducted together with the City of Oulu waterworks in Northern Finland.

“Water treatment is important worldwide and with our technology it is possible to supervise the quality of both tap water and sewage in real-time,” Matti says. “The problem with sewage is that if harmful chemicals pass through undetected, it can be a threat for both the water treatment process and the environment.”

In the study, Collo collected data from the sewage well for a couple of weeks and then compressed the information into a couple of models showing how the process should look when it was working well. After that, the analyzer monitored the sewage quality according to these models.

“With the aid of machine learning, our system was able to pinpoint the liquid quality deviations in the process,” Matti says. “The study showed that our analyzer could be used on a large scale to monitor industrial wastewater streams for early detection of anomalies like chemical spillage, product losses or other abnormal behavior.”

About Collo

Collo is an industrial liquid process performance solution developed by ColloidTek Oy (Collo). The company was founded in 2017 after extensive scientific research in measurement technology at Tampere University by its founders and key personnel. Collo develops and commercializes the Collo technology for various industries, helping customers understand and enhance their liquid processes. Their customers are well-known industrial companies like Fonterra, Siemens Energy, SSAB, UPM, ABB, Danone, Evonik, LKAB, Kemira.


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