World innovation at Aqua Nederland and Pumps & Valves: Seepex presents intelligent pump future in the Benelux



Seepex, the German specialist for progressive cavity pumps, will be presenting itself as a pacesetter for innovative maintenance concepts and promising digital solutions at the “Aqua Nederland” trade fair in Gorinchem from 15 to 17 March, as well as at “Pumps & Valves” on 23 and 24 March in Antwerp. Under the motto “Increased Efficiency”, decision-makers from the environmental and process industry will be presented with smart maintenance models as well as digital solutions for the control and condition monitoring of pumps, with which operating costs can be sustainably reduced.

Digital maintenance

At the trade fairs in March, visitors will experience the latest generation of progressive cavity pumps. Among them is the new pump technology, SCT AutoAdjust. This is equipped with an automatically adjustable stator clamp and thus always ensures optimum pumping performance. Productivity is increased, maintenance times are reduced to a minimum – it couldn’t be better. With the new digital version of the proven Smart Conveying Technology (SCT), the optimum operating point can be easily adjusted from the control room or via Bluetooth using the Seepex Pump Monitor at any time. Simply at the touch of a button. With this innovation, Seepex combines its proven adjustment capability with digital know-how. SCT AutoAdjust is a further development of Seepex patented Smart Conveying Technology (SCT), which has enabled manual adjustment of the stator by means of an integrated retensioning device for more than ten years and thus has an extremely long stator service life. This results in low wear part costs.

A wonder weapon on the long distance

With “Smart Air Injection” (SAI), Seepex is presenting another customised system solution at the trade fairs that combines the advantages of two conveying technologies to transport highly dewatered sludge over long distances in a particularly energy-efficient way.  Sewage sludge compressed into plugs can be conveyed up to 1000 metres by compressed air supply in pipes to the destination. For waste management companies, this alternative to conventional methods can quickly pay for itself. Smart Air Injection (SAI) transports sewage sludge with a dry matter content of 20-40% over long distances. Through the innovative combination of an progressive cavity pump, an additional polymer injection and a pulsed compressed air application, compacted sewage sludge is transported over long distances in an energy-efficient manner. This system solution is a so-called package unit, which contains the pump, the dedicated control logic, and the polymer and compressed air components.

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