Radar sensor can measure levels in hygienic applications



With the new LW2720 radar sensor, this measurement can be carried out precisely without the sensor having to come into contact with the medium. The sensor is installed on the top of the tank and measures the distance to the medium surface via the reflected signal. The volume of the tank content can then be calculated very easily based on the level. Due to the radar sensor operating with a measuring frequency of 80 Ghz, the antenna is relatively small. The measuring range is 10 meters, with an accuracy of ±2 mm.

The new radar sensor has been developed by the German company ifm especially for hygienic environments. Featuring a stainless-steel housing, food grade antenna and seals, the sensor complies with the strict hygiene requirements according to 3-A and EHEDG.

The new sensor is also suitable for the CIP and SIP processes.

The measured value can be transferred by the LW2720 either via a conventional 4…20 mA interface or via IO-Link, The IO-Link inter-face provides even further benefits, i.e. easy parameter setting of the sensor. And if the sensor needs to be replaced, the parameter setting can be directly retransmitted from the IO-Link master, allowing resumption of measurement after only a very brief interruption. Together with an IO-Link Bluetooth adapter and the moneo|blue app from ifm, the parameters of the LW2720 can also be set directly on site using a smartphone.



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