The Bench – Industrial Application



With 50 years experience in reliable, smart, well-featured and tailored designed products for clients all over the world, a continuous research and development of new materials, and an in-house testing, Meccanotecnica Umbra from Italy is one of the leading sealing partners for the industrial sector. This company is offering seals for most of the Industrial segments ranging from any water applications to food & beverage, aerospace, renewables.

Meccanotecnica Umbra provides not only mechanical face seals for uses from dishwashers to Oil & Gas applications, but the company’s mission is also to support customers during their search for a sealing system.

As Meccanotecnica Umbra pushes into a new high-value market, looking to new products that can be disruptive to the State of The Art, a co-designing approach is mandatory. This is the main reason why  Meccanotecnica Umbra R&D department is used to designing both the new product and the test rig for simulating working conditions.

For low and medium-duty applications, we developed a test bench characterized by a modular approach: the idea is building “just one flexible tool” that can test sealing setup for shaft diameter ranges between Ø 10 mm and Ø 80 mm. We reached this goal by designing a test chamber where it is possible to change the counterface seat and the shaft in a plug & play manner.