Conical rotor-stator geometry in a progressive cavity pump



At Ifat exhibition in Munich (May 13-17, 2024), the German company Vogelsang GmbH & Co. KG will be showing the conical HiCone progressive cavity pump for use in wastewater treatment plants and pump stations. Additionally, a 3D model of a small, compact version of the HiCone will be on display at booth 347/446 in hall B1.

“Wastewater treatment plants that consume large amounts of power in the municipal area owing to their demanding process steps depend on technologies that are both energy efficient and powerful,” says Michael Brinkmann, Director of Global Sales at Vogelsang. He also says: “The HiCone gives wastewater treatment plant operators a durable, highly efficient pumping technology that can be flexibly readjusted to different pumping tasks and operating parameters.”

The HiCone features a conical rotor-stator geometry and a clever adjustment system. Precise readjustment of the rotor compensates for wear. This ensures constant pumping performance at a high level of effectiveness – without costly and time-consuming parts replacement. At the same time, the product has a status display that informs users about the pump’s condition continuously and in real time. The HiCone thus requires maintenance less often, and it can be planned better. If the HiCone is equipped with the automatic adjustment option and connected to remote maintenance, the rotor can be readjusted as needed from the control room – with no time-consuming travel and maintenance. Wastewater treatment plant operators with pumps in remote use benefit from this in particular, at pump stations, for instance, which usually are not monitored by specialists on site.

Conical pump for high pressures up to 12 bar

The HiCone is also designed for higher pressures of up to 12 bar. For wastewater treatment plant operators, that means the HiCone can even handle process applications with high pressures that usually require a long, two-stage progressive cavity pump.