K 2002: New recycling pump ensures reliable extrusion in the recycling process



At K-2022, Trade Fair for Platics and Rubber, 19-26 October 2022, Düsseldorf Germany,, the Maag Group will be presenting its latest innovations in integrated solutions for the plastics industry – from solutions for mechanical and chemical recycling, to energy and resource efficiency, optimized machinery for manufacturing, processing and conditioning plastics.

Comparison of extrex6 standard pump and extrex6 recycling pump: Maag’s melt pump has been specially upgraded for processes dealing with higher contamination levels and larger particles on the recycling market.

The newly developed extrex⁶ recycling pump ensures reliable extrusion in the recycling process. The extrex⁶ features an optimized geometry that, in many cases, eliminates the need for an upstream protective filter, saving space and reducing the energy required for heating and drive power.


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