The Pump Video of the Month – Chemical Resistant Mag Drive External Gear Pump



The ‘Tef-Mag’ are magnetically coupled, external gear, rotary positive displacement pumps. All wetted pump components are made of non-metallic materials specifically designed to handle highly corrosive chemicals. These gear pumps generate an almost pulsation-free forced flow, following the positive displacement principle, while maintaining high differential pressure.

The pump housings are precision-machined from robust solid materials, including corrosion-resistant plastics like PP, PVDF, PEEK, PVC, or PE. Additionally, the wetted pump shafts are constructed using non-metallic materials like SSiC or Al2O3, ensuring excellent chemical resistance. Furthermore, the gears are made of high-performance plastics with self-lubricating properties.

Power is transmitted from the drive to the pump via a force-locked connection using robust NdFeB permanent magnets, eliminating the need for mechanical shaft seals. This design ensures safe and leak-free pumping of corrosive, toxic, and explosive liquids. Pumps for hazardous areas in zones 1 and 2 are available with corrosion-resistant and conductive plastic options.


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