Grundfos unveils an innovative drinking water & dispensing solution



Container housing the potable water station

At the 9th of October 2021, Grundfos unveiled an innovative drinking water and dispensing solution in Delhi. This affordable solution consists of intelligent pumps that controls a membrane treatment system and a dispenser that provides clean and safe drinking water.

Grundfos also signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) with Tata Projects to cooperate and explore projects jointly in the area of environment, sustainability and water. This will be done through cooperation and Joint Ventures in the areas of technology, identification of market and joint business development. This MoU is aligned to the ongoing Green Strategic Partnership between Denmark and India.

The Green Strategic Partnership between Denmark and India is a key step forward in strengthening the collaboration between both countries. This partnership is highly important in times like these – where both countries are focusing on expanding economic ties, green growth, and cooperation on global challenges such as climate change.

The Hon’ble Prime Minister of Denmark, Mette Frederiksen and Danish Ambassador to India, H. E. Freddy Svane were present during the signing of the MoU. They were joined by senior delegates from the Danish and senior leaders from both Tata Projects and Grundfos.

Speaking during this signing, H. E. Freddy Svane, said “This MoU is a good example of how sustainable technology and collaboration can help strengthen the ‘Green Strategic Partnership’ between Denmark and India. Both countries are working on a government-to-government level in the strategic sectors of energy, water and environment, urbanisation and Intellectual Property Rights. This mutually beneficial arrangement enables Denmark to deliver sustainable solutions to India that will help both countries.”

Stéphane Simonetta, Group Executive Vice President, COO, Grundfos added, “Grundfos is proud to be partnering with TATA Projects to deliver innovative and green solutions to address India’s water and environmental challenges. With Tata Projects’ expertise in water and waste-water management solutions in the country and our intelligent solutions, this collaboration has the potential to strengthen India’s water security and create jobs. Once again, we collaborate to pioneer solutions, improving quality of life for people.”

Rahul Shah, COO – Urban Infrastructure, Tata Projects Ltd, added, “While this solution is providing clean water to our construction staff and workers, we see a potential to scale the reach of this type of solution to communities that need decentralized drinking water solutions.”

The Grundfos solution is currently housed within a 20-feet container, to provide drinking water to 2,000+ constructions workers and staff in Delhi.

About the water treatment and dispensing solution

Grundfos iRO brings the benefits of intelligent solutions to advanced Reverse Osmosis (RO) systems. The iRO includes the CRE pump and sensors that reduce system complexity and its physical footprint. The CRE pump runs at variable speed via an inbuilt Variable Frequency Drive (VFD) fitted on an IE5 efficiency motor, to drastically reduce the energy consumption and offer reliable operation. The process controlled by the iRO monitors the production flow and also displays the parameters set of the RO system.

Grundfos AQtap is an intelligent water dispenser that can be used at any water kiosk. It is robust in construction, simple and intuitive to use and consumers get the water dispensed via a Water Card. The use of smart cards ensures transparency as it keeps track of all water data and transactions.

Through an integrated platform for revenue collection and online management of water points, AQtap supports the financial viability and accountability of water service operations. It can be deployed in rural communities too apart from urban and peri urban locations.


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