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KSB: Historical pumps restored at Technical University Munich

Wednesday, July 3rd, 2013 von admin

KSB_TU_Muenchen_historische_Pumpen_01In June 2013, KSB Service GmbH completed the overhaul of three historical pumps and their piping systems at TUM, Munich’s technical university. The three pumps are located at the university’s hydraulic institute, where they have been used for testing as part of hydraulic engineering and water management teaching for a hundred years. The pump sets from Frankenthal pump manufacturer KSB include two double-entry pumps from 1913 and a single-stage pump from 1916.

As well as overhauling the pumps, the service specialists from KSB’s Pegnitz site also fitted new valves and replaced the old cast pipes with stainless steel piping. Since the old pumps do not feature flanges standardised to DIN ‒ the first DIN standards were released in March 1918 ‒ the piping manufacturer had to transfer the hole patterns onto the loose plate flanges of the new pipes. In the past, the two older double-entry pumps shared a 6-pole 90 kW fixed speed motor.