Achema 2022: New dosing and metering pump with a peristaltic cartridge and IOT functionality



Verder Liquids developed a new metering and dosing pump which has been designed specifically to challenge traditional technological solutions to chemical dosing in municipal and industrial pumping applications. The so called Verderflex Ds500 has been developed to improve the accuracy and save the end user money by looking at Total Cost of Ownership (TCO), which equals upfront costs and lifetime operation.

Dosing, accuracy and smoothed flow with easy maintenance of ‘click and go’

A key advantage of the Ds500 is that it has an easy ‘click and go’ cartridge change. The main wearing component, the peristaltic cartridge, can be changed in one minute giving minimal maintenance time and spare part components. In combination with RA (Remote Assistant) IOT Monitoring, it supports monitoring but does not allow control of the pump. It ensures accuracy in the process and alerts to any problems. Changes are predicted, so maintenance can be scheduled. Performance is recorded and feedback provided. As a result, downtime is managed and minimised.

The Ds500 can deliver up to +/1 % accuracy with a smoothed flow (i.e., reduced pulsation due to the design). Furthermore, this pump has an accurate flow performance from 0.1 up to 500 ml/min and pressures of up to 7 bar. This means greater accuracy and smoothed flow. It wastes less chemical and saves on the life operation cost, supported with a 5000:1 turndown.

The unit by nature of being a peristaltic pump can handle solids, abrasives, slurries, crystals and is not affected by ‘off gassing’ (i.e., such as sodium hypochlorite in the potable water industry). The Ds500 will give a reliable working life. It does so, without the need for additional valves or complicated pipework required by other systems, and therefore has lower installation cost.

Already exhibited at Achema in Frankfurt am Main, Germany, the new Ds500 is flowing into the market and having a smoothing effect on the industry. Features and Benefits of the Verderflex Ds500

  • Click and go cartridge – Tool free maintenance
  • Smoothed flow for improved dosing
  • Less chemical usage (+/- 1% accuracy)
  • Touchscreen for easy control
  • Connections for remote control
  • Small footprint with secure mounting
  • IOT enabled: Remote Assistant monitoring

Watch the video showing the new Verderflex Ds500 in details:

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