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New oil-free, dry compressing screw vacuum pump

Thursday, November 29th, 2018 von admin

The Leybold specialists named the new 100% oil-free, dry compressing screw vacuum pump Varodry. These pumps will initially be available in the sizes for 65 m³/h and 100 m³/h, the 160 and 200 m³/h versions are already in preparation.

The pumps of the Varodry series are developed for the manufacturing industry. In industrial processes, vacuum pumps do not only need to handle clean air, but also dirt, particles, outgassing of media and vapors. Processes do also not always work stable, other disturbance factors might also be involved. The pump must be able to tolerate all of this. In addition, these pumps are able to handle vapors in the best possible way. Aand due to its integrated silencer the pump offers also a quiet and pleasant sound profile.


Sulzer is optimizing pump reliability and performance

Thursday, September 20th, 2018 von admin

The offshore industry faces two main challenges: maximizing production within the limits of the reservoir, and minimizing operational costs while maintaining the safety of the platform. Pumps form one of the main groups of equipment that influence the outcome of both challenges and they require expert knowledge to ensure continued reliability and performance.

Murray Wilson, Sulzer UK argues that in each case, industry engineering expertise and commercial innovation are required to deliver these goals. Furthermore, the capital expenditure to improve reliability is most often far outweighed by the costs incurred by an unexpected failure and the subsequent costs of lost production. By taking a proactive approach and involving an expert maintenance provider, platform operators can deliver significant benefits to the business in the long term.