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Andritz Ritz supplies submersible motor pumps for North Sea drilling platforms

Wednesday, October 9th, 2013 von admin

Offshore.2Andritz Ritz is supplying six four-pole submersible motor pumps, Type SU 16-600/1/U. The industrial water supplied is required mainly for

  • cooling plant,
  • machinery and
  • generators and

has to be available continually. The pumps are mounted in the platform pillars, each of them conveying 600 m³/h at the operating point.


KSB lowers costs of seawater desalination

Tuesday, October 30th, 2012 von admin

In early 2013 KSB will launch its new compact unit for reverse osmosis seawater desalination. The Salino Pressure Center consists of an axial piston pump and an axial piston motor, arranged on a common shaft. Driven by the diaphragm return flow, the axial piston motor transfers its power directly to the pump shaft.  Three functions are fulfilled by one and the same unit:

  1. creating high pressure,
  2. compensating pressure losses
  3. recovering energy.

There is no need for a separate booster pump. The entire system runs on a single electric motor and frequency inverter.  Compared to conventional energy recovery systems with pressure exchangers or Pelton turbines, this design saves up to 50 % in energy costs.