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Providing the best water in Karelia

Tuesday, July 10th, 2018 von admin

The Northwest of Russia literally flows with water. An area known for huge lakes and vast wetlands. Petrozavodsk is the capital, and the largest city, of the republic and most of the 300,000 inhabitants get their drinking water from the nearby Lake Onega. But some new settlements on the outskirts of the city have chosen another source. “We get our water supply from an aquafer, that covers most of southern Karelia. Three large pumps from Grundfos deliver water to our building complex with around 5,000 people,” explains Vitaliy Markov, General Manager of Drevlyanka Vlll – a part of Chistiy Gorod.


Lewa: New subsidiary in Russia

Thursday, May 28th, 2015 von admin
Martin Fiedler, Alexey Ulitko, Igor Bichev, Stefan Glasmeyer, Andre Stadler (f.l.t.r.)

Martin Fiedler, Alexey Ulitko, Igor Bichev, Stefan Glasmeyer, Andre Stadler (f.l.t.r.)

Lewa transformed its joint venture, which had been in effect since October 2011, to a fully fledged subsidiary. The complete acquisition of the company paved the way to invest in the expansion of the subsidiary and to improve its position in Russia. In this region, the main focus is on the oil and gas market, but the process industry also plays an important role.

The new structure will enable Lewa to fulfill its wish of better serving the requirements for pump and system operations in the region. At the same time, Lewa plans to expand the on-site service capacities.
“Through our own subsidiary, we will be able to create more added value in the region, which our customers there greatly appreciate. Therefore, the contract signing will help us improve our market position over the long term,” exclaims Glasmeyer, explaining the effects of the acquisition.

Hermetic: Awarded by the Russian Oil and Gas Industry

Thursday, January 22nd, 2015 von admin

CNPF_80x40x320_rgbRussian refineries have honoured Hermetic once more with an award for their standard of quality, safety, reliability and on-site customer support. On the occasion of the Neftegaz in Moscow, an independent survey by the Russian Ministry of Energy selected Hermetic-Pumpen GmbH as the Russian oil and gas industry’s best centrifugal pump manufacturer for 2014.