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Top 10 posts on Δ p Global Online in December 2017

Monday, January 1st, 2018 von admin

The actual Top 10 posts on Δ p GLOBAL Online:

  1. Pump Engineer – Study Courses 2018 in German and English
  2. Allweiler: The basis of rotary positive displacement pump technology
  3. Lewa: Follow-up order of another 20 pumps to Saudi Arabia
  4. KSB: New mag-drive pump for process engineering applications
  5. Bestsens: Monitor your pump online – at any time, at any place
  6. Blackmer: How screw pumps work
  7. Sulzer: New inline single stage centrifugal pump range
  8. KSB: Pumps for Brazilian cellulose production
  9. Richter expanded RMA series
  10. JEC: Technical Paper: New hygenic twin screw pumps

The actual Top 10 posts on  Δ p Online in German:


Heat transfer oil circulation pump acc. to DIN EN 733

Saturday, December 9th, 2017 von admin

Fig.1 The new NKX heat transfer oil circulation pump

The pump manufacturer Dickow has developed a new pump line NKX for circulation of thermal oil. The pump casing is designed for 16 bar and 350 °C. The new pump line extends the application limit of the previous NKLs-type. The new NKX will replace the series NKLs with exactly the same dimensions in future.

The NKX is used as a circulation pump for hot oils in industrial heating plants/units. The performance range covers capacities up to 400 m3/h and differential heads up to 90 m in 50 Hz services; and capacities up to 2,500 US-gpm and differential heads up to 400 ft in 60 Hz services. The dimensions and performance range of these centrifugal pumps are according to DIN EN 733, that means range is subdivided into different pump sizes in order to achieve best efficiency for all service conditions inside the envelope.


Top 10 posts on Δ p Global Online in June 2015

Wednesday, July 1st, 2015 von admin

The actual Top 10 posts on Δ p GLOBAL Online:

  1. Lewa: Safe pumping of sour crude oil
  2. Almatec: Flexible choice of product connections
  3. KSB: Mobile app brings Industry 4.0 to all pumps
  4. KSB: New canned motor pumps
  5. Lewa: New subsidiary in Russia
  6. Kirloskar Brothers Ltd. exhibit at Achema 2015
  7. Dickow delivers 200.000st pump to Eastman Chemical
  8. Abel: Hydraulic Triplex Diaphragm Pumps at Achema
  9. KBL: New canned motor pump series
  10. BBA: Emergency pump units for nuclear power plant

Here the actual Top 10 on the German  Δ p Online


Dickow delivers 200.000st pump to Eastman Chemical, NL

Tuesday, May 19th, 2015 von admin
Johann Tremmel, Michaela Dickow, Ralph Schommer (all Dickow Pumpen, from left to right) and 200.000st pump before delivery.

Johann Tremmel, Michaela
Dickow, Ralph Schommer (all from Dickow, l.t.r.) and 200.000st pump

Recently Eastman put three new parts into operation at the site in Middelburg: a 35-meter high destillation tower, a loading and unloading dock for trucks, and a storage tank with an internal floating roof.

This project includes 19 Dickow pump units with motor, coupling and base plate. The pumps installed are type HZMR (horizontal multistage, magnetic coupled), NMR (horizontal single stage, magnetic coupled) and NCL (horizontal single stage, mechanically sealed). Amongst these is Dickows’ 200.000st pump, used for the new storage tank with floating roof.