Increase in Demand for Pumps in the Water and Wastewater Sector Has Fueled the Growth of the Diaphragm Pump Industry



Author: Harshada Dive

A diaphragm pump, also called a positive displacement pump, makes use of reciprocating motion to move fluids. A diaphragm pump is made of rubber or polymeric material and has safety valves that regulate the flow of fluid in and out. The water industry has experienced a significant surge in demand for pumps as a result of heightened government concerns, which in turn has fueled the growth of the diaphragm pump market.

Integration of machine learning and 3D printing in pump manufacturing and use of advanced technologies have enabled the development of sophisticated designs and features for pump replacement and repair.

According to a recent study by Allied Market Research, the Global Diaphragm Pump Market is anticipated to display a noteworthy CAGR from 2021 to 2030.

The water and wastewater sector dominates the market

Increase in global population and rapid urbanization have increased the demand for water supplies, which is driving the need for wastewater management and is expected to expand the market for diaphragm pumps. Another factor boosting the development of this market is the widening oil and gas industry, which makes extensive use of diaphragm pumps. Countries such as China and India are in a growing phase as they are investing in the refining and petrochemical industries; thus, it is expected to open up new opportunities for the diaphragm pump market.

Furthermore, keeping in tab with the United Nations University Institute of Environment, Water, and Health, in 2020, developed nations effectively treated 74% of the industrial and municipal wastewater they generated, whereas upper-middle income countries treated only 43% and lower-middle income nations treated merely 26%.

The demand for water treatment facilities and the use of diaphragm pumps in water treatment facilities are anticipated to rise in developing countries due to increasing environmental awareness and water shortage on board. For example, The Kerala Water Authority started building a water treatment facility with a 142 million liters per day (MLD) treatment capacity in Aluva in January 2022. The estimated cost of the plants is INR 180 crore, with a projected completion date of 2024. Thus, these upcoming water treatment projects are increasing the demand for diaphragm pumps.

In keeping with the surging demand for diaphragm pumps, the leading companies in the market are innovating new technologies and releasing new products, strategies and collaborative partnerships. For instance, Graco Inc. released a new version of its (Electric double diaphragm pump) Husky 3300e pump in August 2021. The (Electric double diaphragm pump) Husky 3300e pump is used to relocate industrial fluids, and it also provides plant managers with high-volume fluid transfer (up to 220 gpm) and significantly lower power consumption.

The new Quaternary Diaphragm Pump( Quattroflow™ QF2500) was launched in April 2020, according to Quattroflow a division of PSG. The new QF2500 pump is suitable for chromatography, depth filtration, sterile filtration, virus filtration, and TFF among other demanding biopharma applications. It has a 2,500 lph (660 gph) maximum flow rate.

The top manufacturer of specialty pumps, Almatec, a part of Dover Corporation, unveiled two new models of its solid plastic pumps, namely, the C-40 and C-50 models, as part of its series of air-operated double diaphragm pumps in August 2019. One of the standouts features of these pumps is their enhanced bolt torque, which provides an exceptional air control system and ensures safe operation. This leads to increased productivity while maintaining lower operating costs.

A new diaphragm pump from KNF with low pulsation was introduced in March 2019. The (FP 400) diaphragm pump is made for recirculation uses across a range of industries. The pump also combines gear pump-like levels of pulsation with the benefits of (FP 400) diaphragm pump technology.

Other wellknown diaphragm pump manufacturers are for example:

Covid-19 Impact on Diaphragm Pump Market

The diaphragm pump market growth was negatively impacted by the Covid-19 pandemic due to a decrease in demand in the industrial sector. Lockdown measures implemented by governments disrupted transportation systems, further adding to the market slowdown. However, the market has witnessed growth due to an increase in onshore and offshore fields, recovery in oil prices, and rising demand for oil and gas. Additionally, exploration and production activities are shifting toward deeper offshore regions, resulting in increased demand for diaphragm pumps, particularly in the offshore ultra-deepwater projects.


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