Sulzer launches new features for the Ahlstar A process pump range



Ahlstar A Range, Single Stage Pumps, ISO 5199, Process Pump

In the new ASTM A395 60-40-18 construction of this pump series, the volute case and case cover of the pump are made of ductile iron. Ahlstar A pumps in ductile iron have a maximum working pressure of 16 bars, with a temperature limit of 180 °C.  Furthermore, a heating jacket option is available. The concept consists of a heating jacket and a jacketed case cover. The heating jacket is easy to install and maintain, providing evenly distributed heating across the entire pump. Proper temperature of the pumped liquid prevents undesired sedimentation, crystal growth, or solidification of the fluid handled.

Moreover, a case cover with internal recirculation has been developed for Ahlstar pumps. In this design, an internal recirculation flushing fluid channel is integrated inside the case cover, enabling seal flushing without external piping.

Along with the new features, Ahlstar pumps have been assigned the Food Contact Materials Certificate (EC) 1935/2004. Food contact materials (FCMs) are widely used in food transfer equipment, packaging, etc. These pumps compliant with this regulation are an optimised solution for various food and beverage applications, from raw material production to processing and packaging.

The solution is named “cost effective” by Sulzer “because a standard Ahlstar A pump can be used, and the same spare parts as for other Ahlstar A pumps in the mill will fit.” Read more about the Ahlstar A peak performance process pumps and their new features in this Sulzer brochure.


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