New Design Advancements in Canned Motor Pumps Bolster Safety Characteristics in End-use Industries



Globally, businesses in the process industry are keenly leaning on adopting safer operational processes. Canned motor pumps have been gathering adoption in several process engineering applications worldwide. The growing popularity of seal-free pumps in industrial applications is a key driver for the canned motor pumps market. Canned motors pumps are expected to be used in safely transfer of environmentally harmful pumped media.

The design and performance characteristics of the new products in the canned motor pumps impart a remarkable safety in operations. Canned motor pumps are usually characterized by

  • leak-proof safety sleeve,
  • pressure-proof motor, and
  • hermetic designs

all of which underpin high operation safety parameters. Additionally, manufacturers in the canned motor pumps market are keenly improving the features to cater to the requirements of

  • higher flow rates, heads, and pressures.

Over the years, the performance requirements have been driven by changing demands in end-use industries such as chemicals and petrochemicals, the oil and gas sector, and in refrigeration applications. The prevalent use of centrifugal pumps in refineries and petrochemical plants is the key underpinning for the growing market prospect of canned motor pumps. Strides being made by these industries have led to the adoption of equipment where liquids operate in varying demanding conditions. This has been propelling the sales prospects of the canned motor pumps market.

Technological Advancements and Design Improvements Propel Prospects

Advancements in drive system for pumps have made their applications in wide range of temperature requirements. Furthermore, the need for increasing the service life is a key trend in the process industries, which has made canned motor pumps. Some of the key product types are standard pumps, high temperature pumps, liquid pumps, multistage pumps, and reverse circulation pumps.

A number of critical media notably labelled as toxic or carcinogenic have been doing the rounds of the tanks and pumps used in these industries. Bereft of mechanical seals, canned motor pumps are generating opportunities for equipment manufacturers to meet hot, explosive, and toxic and radioactive fluids. The newer technologies in the canned motor pumps market make these suitable for use in Zone 0 hazardous area. Top players are offering certified products, notably that conform to API 685 regulations to cater to the demand for petroleum, heavy duty chemical and gas industry services.

Substantial Demand in Pharmaceutical Manufacturing to Generate Substantial Revenue Gains

Among the various key end-use industries, the pharmaceutical sector has emerged as a segment with potential revenues. The canned motors pumps market has witnessed substantial Commercial Avenue from the sales of leak-free canned motor pumps in the pharmaceutical industry, where the standard chemical applications include hazardous, flammable, and aggressive fluids. Top players have come out with modular designs for motors as well as pump parts such as bearings and the lubricants.

Asia Pacific is a viewed as a lucrative region in the global canned motor pumps market. the regional market has made considerable strides on the back of the technological advancements of the process equipment notably in chemical industry. The ebullient outlook is ascribed to the rise in demand for canned motors pumps in pharmaceutical manufacturing industry.

The Asia Pacific canned motor pumps market has also gained revenue streams from the steadily growing uptake of products with low life-cycle costs and long service life with process industries. In large part the choice of sealless pumps is motivated by the stringent implementation of regulations pertaining to the safety of processes in manufacturing and production environments, notably in oil and gas sector. Furthermore, the wide demand for canned motors pumps in the petrochemical manufacturing units.

Some of the key players in the canned motor pumps market are

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