Do you have what it takes to be a pump engineer?



So you think you’re an expert on everything pumps. But how much do you really know? Here’s your chance to find out!

Sulzer has developed a series of interactive online quizzes for pump engineers and operators to put their knowledge to the test. The challenging and engaging questions cover a wide range of key areas and are suitable for users of all experience levels, so anyone can have a go.

The first quiz in the series, Pump Essentials, is already live and puts users through their paces on topics from hydraulic principles to transferring hazardous fluids.

After taking part, users are invited to explore the learning opportunities offered by Sulzer’s Academy courses. Here, expert instruction is available on almost any subject to help pump operators, engineers and maintenance personnel enhance their knowledge. With project-specific coaching, open seminars and practical, hands-on training, Sulzer Academy has something for everyone.

Interested? Click HERE to take the quiz.

For more information on Sulzer Academy, follow this link:


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