Best of 2020: The most read Δ p online posts



  1. Using pump data to predict downtime and identify engineered solutions
  2. VFD is not a substitute for a Gearbox
  3. Cooling water turnkey system for EDF’s most advanced CCGT power plant
  4. New pumps paid off in two year – Sulzer replaces 45-year-old boiler feed pumps…
  5. Grundfos proceeds to acquire Eurowater
  6. Grundfos is celebrating its 75th anniversary
  7. 5 Factors in Determining Overall Pump Life-Cycle Costs for Positive Displacement vs. Centrifugal-style Pumps
  8. KSB dispatched the world’s most powerful boiler feed pump
  9. A new approach to screw pumps
  10. A highly efficient pump drive for the first underwater compressor system worldwide


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