Balanced single mechanical element seal for the Sulzer Ahlstar pumps



The ES sealing

The new ES balanced single mechanical element seal is designed for the Ahlstar pump ranges A, APP, NPP and WPP. The ES seal has an integrated shaft sleeve that protects the shaft from the process liquid.

The design of the ES seal is simple but robust, enabling fast and easy installation and maintenance. The seal is fitted to the standard case cover of the pump. It can be used without flushing, with recirculation flushing or with external flushing.

An Ahlstar pump

The ES seal is an optimal solution for water and light process applications. The seal is designed for:

  • clean and slightly contaminated liquids
  • viscous liquids
  • fibrous slurries up to 3% consistency
  • temperatures up to 140°C / 284°F depending on the seal flushing arrangement and seal chamber pressure.