Seepex leads into the future of progressive cavity pumps at the Virtual Process Show



At the first online exhibition for process and production technology in chemical, biotech, pharma, food & beverage industries – this year’s Virtual Process Show – Seepex will be presenting its products and services to visitors from 8 to 11 September. In addition to a world innovation in the automation of progressive cavity pumps, Seepex will also present a new application for its energy efficient system solution Smart Air Injection (SAI) and the EHEDG certified hygienic pump (BCFH).

Seepex promises groundbreaking developments, new products that make it easy to digitalize the world of pumps, especially in the field of maintenance. Concrete details of the completely new product will be presented next Monday, September 7.

In addition, the company will be presenting a new application area for its innovative SAI system solution at the online exhibition, which allows hop and malt spent grains to be transported over long distances in a compressed air-saving manner and thus being extremely energy- and cost-efficient.

Smart Air Injection – The impulse for pilsner

Smart Air Injection means precisely metered air injections for spent hops and spent grain transportation in breweries and distilleries. In Europe, about 400,000 tons of spent grain are produced annually. At the end of the mashing process, pneumatic conveying systems on brewery premises convey the wet spent grains to storage tanks and silos that are often several hundred meters away. Until today, conventional pneumatic conveying systems, which need a continuous supply of compressed air, normally handle the wet spent grains. Large companies produce up to 150 tons of the material and consume up to 400 kWh of compressed air. SAI, which has been already tried and tested in the environmental industry achieves better results than those conventional system when used in the production process of breweries.

“Short, compressed air pulses at greater intervals easily convey the long plugs of spent grain. Just like the good old pneumatic post. Compared to the old pneumatic tube system, the compressed air consumption drops by up to 80 %. The brew throughput times also drop by up to 50%, thus increasing the process efficiency. The extreme difference in air consumption is due to the different type of pneumatic conveying: continuous compressed air supply versus discontinuous compressed air conveying of large plugs of spent grain (SAI), explains Dr.-Ing. Stephan Mottyll, Global Product Manager SAI at Seepex.

EHEDG certified hygienic pump

Seepex developed certified progressive cavity pumps for the food industry as well. The pumps are operating gently and hygienically in all respects. These hygiene pumps operate with minimal pulsation, can be cleaned quickly and without residue, and adhere to the strictest hygiene and safety requirements. This is because they are manufactured in accord with EHEDG and FDA guidelines and the regulations of the 3-A Sanitary Standards of the USA.

Die Virtual Process Show takes place from 8 – 11 September and can be accessed via the following link::


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