High-efficiency self-modulating pump protection valves offer reliability and cost savings



Schroedahl, a Circor International brand, has developed a new, self-modulating automatic recirculation valve (ARV) TDL serie in 10 and 12 inch nominal pump sizes with high bypass flow. So this valve is offering maximum flexibility in bypass trim sizes for pumping systems. These reliable all-in-one pump protection solutions are designed to keep pumping systems in

  • process,
  • firefighting,
  • refinery,
  • power and
  • chemical applications

modulating and running smoothly, without cavitation, vibration or overheating.

The valves’ self-actuated integrated bypass control function ensures minimum flow rate, guarding pumps against overheating and cavitation. The systems provide high pump stability—with less vibration and fewer coupling or gear problems—for less downtime and lower maintenance costs. Without minimum flow, a pump can quickly suffer grave damage, causing downtime and costly repairs—but control valves for recirculation require continuous control of complex equipment, a flow measurement device, control unit, and energy supply. The self-operated flow-sensitive TDL ARV operate without a separate power supply or any control system—and begin protection immediately once installed.

This TDL automatic recirculation valves combine a high-quality main line check valve and the automatic bypass control system in one design. ARVs’ modulation bypass function also offers savings for operators with reduced energy consumption for frequent partial load operation. Additionally, the bypass check valve prevents reverse pump flow, and allows for parallel pump installations.

TDL ARVs’ are available in EN/DIN and ASTM materials.



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