EHEDG and 3-A certification for the twin screw pump Wangen Twin NG



The Twin NG

The pump series Twin NG from the German pump manufacturer Pumpenfabrik Wangen has now been awarded the key hygienic certificates designating compliance with key standards, particularly in food and beverage production. The hygienic twin screw pump fully meets the guidelines and design standards for EHEDG certification (European Hygienic Engineering and Design Group) and 3-A authorisation (3-A Sanitary Standards, Inc. (3-A SSI) hygiene association within the US food sector).

  • EHEDG certification applies to the sizes: 70, 104, 130, 180
  • 3-A authorisation applies to the sizes: 70, 104, 130

The Twin NG pump is primarily used in the food and beverage, chemical and cosmetics industries. It was developed to pump low to high-viscosity, slightly volatile or gaseous products reliably and gently, at the same time offering maximum ease of service among twin screw pumps, simplified handling and a long service life.

The Twin NG can also used for CIP cleaning, as its high speed range of less than 100 to 4000 rpm means that it is capable of pumping large volumes of cleaning media and therefore guarantees good cleaning results.


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