Single-stage centrifugal pumps with highest efficiencies for various industrial applications



The single-stage centrifugal pumps ACP series are called by Andritz itself “The Swiss army knife among pumps”. These pumps are available in a highly wear-resistant, open impeller design. Thanks to their low axial thrust and open channels, these pumps are suitable for conveying many different media. Depending on the impeller design, they can convey slightly contaminated and contaminated media with some solids and content with consistencies of up to 8 %.

Equipped with the Smartstep degassing system an additional separation impeller acts as an integrated degassing system and removes gas from the media and conveys fibers reliably back to the pump at the same time. Thus, operating as processes pumps, they cover a wide range of applications in the pulp and paper, mining, offshore, power, food, and chemical industry. Additionally, these single-stage centrifugal pumps can also be used in

  • water supply,
  • waste water treatment,
  • desalination plants,
  • and irrigation as well as
  • drainage.

A modular system ensures high availability, enables the use of proven components and reduces the number of spare parts to be held in stock. The centrifugal pumps from the ACP series can be delivered with an Industrial Internet of Things integrated base.

The  ACP pump series at a glance

  • Design: single-stage, single-flow, open impeller
  • Consistency: up to 8 %
  • Head: up to 190 m
  • Flow rate: up to 9,000 m³/h
  • Pressure: up to 40 bar
  • Temperature: up to 200° C
  • Efficiency: up to 90 %


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