Pump, Valve and Compressor Sectors Announce Co-located Annual Meetings and Joint Conference



Europump (the European Pump Association) is pleased to announce that it is partnering with CEIR (the European Valve Association) and Pneurop (the European Compressed Air Association) to stage their respective Annual Meetings this year in Brussels.  Running from 22nd – 24th June, the three organisations will also deliver a Joint Conference.

Industry’s contribution to the European Commission’s political objectives was highlighted during the inaugural speech its President, Ursula von der Leyden, made to the European Parliament in July 2019, which included developing an ‘industrial strategy’ as part of the planned European Green Deal.

For a very long time, European technology industries, and in particular the pumps, valves, and compressors sectors, have considered the enhancement of their global competitiveness within the framework of societal and environmental challenges, notably by contributing to the preparation of energy efficiency and circular economy regulations.  In parallel, digitalisation has provided increased opportunities as well as new challenges, including regulatory debates on the sharing of industrial data, artificial intelligence and cybersecurity. These developments, amidst fierce international competition where public authorities and the private sector are increasingly working closer together to design and deploy strategies that promote national value chains, require an overarching Europe-wide positioning.

In support of the new EU legislative cycle, Europump, CEIR and Pneurop have agreed to gather in Brussels and organise a Joint Conference to address all these aspects. The Conference will be held on 23 June, just over six months after the start of the new Commission mandate, to discuss its new initiatives.

It will consist of an institutional and policy common session and three technical parallel sessions addressing topics of relevance for the three associations and the industry sectors they represent.  These sessions will be devoted to the

  • ‘Circular economy and Eco-design’,
  • ‘Industry’s Digitalisation and Innovation’, and
  • ‘The restriction of use of materials and substances of concern’.

The event is open to all members of the three organisations as well as those of their respective National Associations, and with an extensive programme of talks, presentations and social gatherings, it provides a unique opportunity for these three key sectors to come together and develop their common goals, and discuss them with EU officials.  The shared delivery and output can only serve to benefit each of their memberships, and the sectors of industry they collectively address.

For further information on the Joint Conference as well as the individual Annual Meetings hosted be each of the three organisations, please visit the dedicated website: www.2020jointconference.be.


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