New electrically operated Double Diaphragm Pumps



Tapflo is introducing a completely new series of diaphragm pumps, this time electrically operated.

“Regardless of whether the pump application is hygienic or industrial, the trend is the same – electrically operated pumps will eventually replace mechanical pumps (if applicable),” so a Tapflo press release. “Due to changes in thinking of our impact on the environment, we are proud to present the EODD – Electrically Operated Double Diaphragm Pumps. Our newly launched product follows a forward approach but is still based on the original diaphragm pump technology, which proves to be very successful. We have consulted our clients, who show a demand to get the functions and benefits of a traditional diaphragm pump but with the added advantage of lower operating costs.” – says Katarzyna Szałkowska from Tapflo Group Marketing Team. “Because of its low energy cost and clean and easy maintenance, the EODD pump does not place a heavy burden on the environment.”

The pump is powered by a highly efficient electrical drive (IE3 class) and there is no chance of hydraulic fluid leakage because the pump simply does not need one. The new EODD pump has an almost identical design of the wetted side as standard Tapflo air operated diaphragm pump, therefore, it inherits most of its advantages and most of the spare parts are the same.

‘’After several months of designing, testing and inspecting the products, it has all paid off and we are finally ready to launch them! With great joy and pride, we present to you our new family member, thus expanding our product portfolio.” – explains Jakub Zduńczyk Product Engineer at Tapflo.

EODD pumps can distribute liquids with

  • temperatures of up to 110 °C and
  • flow rates up to 220 l/min.

All Tapflo pumps are made from high-quality materials and are suitable for dealing with chemicals, surface conditioning, pulp and paper industries, water treatment and a wide range of hygienic applications. EODD’s are perfect for applications that require low pulsation or as an energy-saving alternative to air operated diaphragm pumps.


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