KSB launches new web site in Sweden



Pump and valve manufacturer KSB has introduced a new e-commerce platform for its customers in Sweden. The web site, www.ksb.se, has been completely re-designed and now offers key product information for making purchasing decisions at a glance: technical data, documents, prices, delivery times and availability. Integrated online shop functionality enables users to buy KSB products and spare parts online. This requires MyKSB Business access that users can sign up for on the web site.

KSB e-Sales, Symbolfoto,

All business transactions with KSB can be processed online via the customer’s MyKSB Business account. This enables order tracking, for example, and access to KSB’s quotations. Since the purchase order is entered directly, ordering products from the online shop makes for faster order processing and delivery. In addition, establishing an interface to the customer’s system via an EDI or OCI connection enables fully electronic ordering, invoicing, order confirmation and the issuing of delivery notes through the customer’s procurement or ERP systems. This minimises errors by making duplicate data storage and data processing by the customer unnecessary and providing total transparency into all ongoing business processes.

In the area of services, the re-designed spare parts catalogue offers the operator and service partners complete visibility into spare parts for KSB products. Users simply enter a serial number to display the bills of materials, components, drawings and data sheets needed to carry out a repair on their population of pumps. The prices, delivery times and availability of all the components needed for a repair are accessible online.

The re-designed web site will be the customer’s digital advisor on KSB’s products and services that is available round the clock.

Appropriate encryption technologies employed throughout the process chain ensure data protection and cyber security. After the trial phase in Sweden has ended, KSB will switch over to the new e-commerce channel in all countries worldwide over the coming years. The main goal is to increase sales of standard products and spare parts.


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