Pumps in Europe’s tallest building



Source: Victor Sukhorukov

With a height of 462 metres, the Lakhta Centre is the tallest building in Europe and the 13th tallest building in the world. Over 530 Wilo pumps are in operation to contribute to the “Green features” of the building.

These pumps are in operation in several applications – from heating, ventilation and air conditioning to the water supply. For the HVAC applications, the pumps are installed in several district substations in different levels of the tower. One of the main requirements was that all pumps should be high-efficient with an internal or external frequency converter.

  • The CronoLine-IL-E is an electronically controlled glanded single pump in in-line design, used for the pumping of heating water, cold water and water-glycol mixtures in heating, cold water and cooling systems.
  • The multistage centrifugal pump Helix is used for water supply and pressure boosting as well as cooling water in circulation systems.
  • For a reliable operation in the HVAC applications, the Lakhta Centre also relies on the Stratos-D. The glandless double circulation pump increases energy savings due to optimised system efficiency via a volume flow limiter.



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