Protection valve for pumps in the boiler feed water cycles



SIP valve

The pressure valve SIP series complements the Schroeder portfolio by covering high pressure applications from 180 up to 250 bar with frequent plant operation at minimum flow conditions. The SIP combines the performance of the Schroeder High Pressure Valve SHP with the simplicity of the SSV-type valve.

Like the SHP the SIP also controls the bypass by a multistage piston, which provides a defined multistage press reduction at all flow rates and in addition guarantees a cavitation free operation at any time. Like in the case of the SSV series the SIP’s piston is actuated directly by the cone via lever. Actuating forces are reduced by pressure balancing in a manner that the support of a pilot system is no longer required.

The SIP will be available by the end of the year 2019.


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