A Past, Present and Future Propelled by Growth



A fire-extinguishing pump built by Gotthard Allweiler in 1865

When Gotthard Allweiler invented the fire-fighting wing pump in 1860 to fill a market gap at that time, he wrote the first chapter of Allweiler’s history. Almost 160 years later, Mr. Allweiler’s pioneering spirit lives on at Circor. That history book is rich with stories of technological, design and production innovations that shaped modern progress and aligned with market needs for fluid handling solutions around the world.

EMTEC-C –3-screw coolant pump meeting unique demands of high-pressure machine tool applications

Today’s Allweiler customers are beneficiaries of the specialized pump knowledge that has spread across generations. They can be assured that, whatever their pumped medium is, they can source the most suitable pump or system to handle it. That is because Allweiler pumps are precisely tailored to each industry-specific application and conform to the most stringent quality and reliability standards governing them. Unmatched reliability and efficiency of every pump is the goal of Allweiler’s accredited quality assurance system.

IN-1000 – SMART solution for industrial condition monitoring

From establishing a company-owned foundry to produce high quality castings of materials available only through Allweiler, to achieving global leadership in both centrifugal and positive displacement pump technology, Allweiler has delivered high technical and economic value to customers while reducing their total cost of ownership of valuable assets, decade after decade.

Now as part of a family of time-tested Circor industrial brands, Allweiler is bolstered by operating synergies and international sales structures that make the company more flexible and customer-centric than ever before. With many customers active around the world, Allweiler is pleased to offer them all needed resources wherever their opportunities may take them. The broad product range is augmented by personal, competent advice on site and comprehensive service after the sale. Circor speaks the languages of its customers and understands their business and regulatory requirements.

CM-1000 – SMART solution for marine energy saving

With more than 60% of Circor’s Industrial Group workforce of 4,000 based in Europe, and the European sites generating over half of the Group’s revenue, the Group’s world headquarters is now based right here, in Radolfzell. Circor’s commitment to the business and the region deepens customer relationships in the best tradition of Allweiler, and brings together more than 40 renowned pump, valve and accessory brands under one corporate umbrella for some of the world’s most severe service and mission critical applications.

  • 1860:   Company founded by Gotthard Allweiler
  • 1874:   Series manufacturing of manual pumps
  • 1876:   First manufacturing in Radolfzell
  • 1884:   Own foundry established
  • 1905:   Production of the first centrifugal and rotary lobe pumps
  • 1933:   Manufacturing of cattle drinking bowls
  • 1952:   Manufacturing of screw pumps started
  • 1964:   Purchase of Bottrop plant
  •              Manufacturing of progressing cavity pumps started
  • 1967:   Development of the complete standardized centrifugal pump series
  •              Manufacturing of water pumps, heat transfer oil pumps, marine pumps
  • 1976:   Purchase of Aschaffenburg plant
  • Manufacturing of chemical centrifugal pumps and propeller pumps
  • 1977:   Market launch Macerators
  • 1990:   Manufacturing and delivery of pumps with magnetic couplings
  • 1992:   Market launch peristaltic pumps
  • 1996:   Relocation plant Aschaffenburg to Radolfzell
  • 1998:   Allweiler becomes a member of Colfax
  • 2001:   Market launch of series Allheat centrifugal pumps and Trilub 3-screw pumps
  • 2002:   Market launch of a progressing cavity pump series for the wastewater market
  • 2003:   Market launch of series Alltrimm propeller pumps and Allmag centrifugal pumps
  • 2004:   Market launch of series MELO centrifugal pumps and Allub 3-screw pumps
  • 2005:   Own stator production in Hamburg; acquisition of Tushaco Pumps, India (now Allweiler India);
  •              opening of a plant in China
  • 2006:   Market launch EMTEC 3-screw pumps
  • 2008:   Relocation of stator production from Hamburg to Bottrop
  • Development of first SMART solutions
  • 2009:   Acquisition of PD Technik, Hamburg
  •              Market launch Allfuel 3-screw pumps
  • 2010:   Market launch Allmind condition monitoring system
  •              150th anniversary Allweiler
  • 2013:   Market launch CM-1000 marine energy saving system
  • 2015:   Market launch Allmarine MI-D centrifugal pumps
  • 2016:   Relocation of IMO AB manufacturing to Radolfzell
  •              Market launch IN-1000 condition monitoring system
  • 2017:   Allweiler becomes a member of Circor
  • 2018:   Circor Industrial world headquarters moves from U.S. to Radolfzell
  •                Market launch OptiFix progressing cavity pumps




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