Endress+Hauser sharpens its IIoT services to unleash the potential for plant operators



With the intelligent use of field instrument data and information, operators can leverage the vast potential of their process control systems. Under the hashtag #empowerthefield, Endress+Hauser is bundling its activities in the area of Industry 4.0 and the Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT). The fact that Endress+Hauser, a leading provider of measurement technology, automation solutions and services, has organized its entire trade fair activities around the motto #empowerthefield clearly illustrates the significance of this issue for the company and the process control industry. Two core elements of the company’s digitalization strategy are Heartbeat technology and the Netilion IIoT ecosystem.

Heartbeat Technology – constantly feeling the pulse

Endress+Hauser offers a wide range of flow, level, temperature and analysis measurement instruments equipped with Heartbeat, a technology that provides a high level of system availability with minimal effort. The integrated Heartbeat Technology delivers concise, standardized diagnostic notifications and monitoring data that allow users to service and maintain their systems precisely when needed. In combination with the Netilion applications, this data enables predictive maintenance while also providing an indication of operational reliability and process safety. Since the instruments automatically monitor their own condition, manual inspection cycles can be reduced. The technology is based on three key elements: Heartbeat diagnostics, Heartbeat verification and Heartbeat monitoring.

Netilion – cloud-based IIoT ecosystem

Under the name Netilion, Endress+Hauser is introducing a range of applications and system components that significantly simplify system management and maintenance. The Netilion Scanner App and Netilion system components make it possible to easily capture the installed base. With the Netilion Analytics online service, users have an overview of the installed field instruments. The Netilion Health online service visualizes and interprets the status of the installed instrumentation so that operators are in a position to respond quickly when irregularities occur. And with Netilion Library, Endress+Hauser is offering an online data management service for the measurement point’s entire life cycle. Existing systems can be retrofitted with the Netilion IIoT ecosystem largely without changing the architecture.

New products with IIoT functionality

Many of Endress+Hauser’s field instruments, such as the Proline 300/500 and diverse level instrumentation, are already available with Heartbeat Technology. This includes the Liquiphant FLT51B point level switch, recently introduced during the Hannover Trade Fair, which follows in the footsteps of the tried-and-tested tuning fork–based level switches, as well as the Gammapilot FMG50 radiometric level transmitter. And with the integrated Heartbeat Technology, documented proof-testing is possible without removing the instruments or interrupting the process.


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