New IC Open Impeller i-Frame for air and gas handling, chemical slurries, waste liquids, and food and beverage applications


Goulds Pumps announce the latest addition to its diverse portfolio of ISO standard pumps: the ITT Goulds Pumps IC Open (ICO) Impeller i-Frame pump. Engineered to handle chemical slurries and waste liquids, as well as challenging food and beverage applications, the ICO augments the standard IC pump design with an open impeller for enhanced performance handling solids. This new feature also makes the ICO ideal for air- and gas-handling applications.

Available in 34 sizes and three different materials, ICO is built to ISO 2858 dimensions and the high-performance standards of ISO 5199. In addition to the open impeller, the pump features flanges drilled to DIN/ISO or ANSI, plus a modular design of four bearing frames, which maximizes interchangeability across its 34 sizes.

Some other key product highlights include:

  • Optimized hydraulic design for maximized performance and reliability
  • Accommodations for flows up to 400 m³/hr and heads up to 150 m at temperatures ranging from -40 ºC to +280 ºC
  • Cyclone seal chamber with improved heat removal for longer seal life plus a patented spiral groove design that removes solids from the sealing area, reducing the need for flushing and maintenance
  • Heavy-duty i-Frame Power Frame to help prevent pump bearing failures and expensive pump downtime
  • Stainless steel shafts for easy maintenance
  • Modular design and interchangeability with all IC power end parts to help reduce customer parts inventory
  • sensor for continuous machine health monitoring and early detection of machine failures




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