Using solar power to provide running water


In some parts of the world, being able to take running water from the tap is not a given by any means. Water resources are becoming increasingly scarce, water quality continues to fall. With its solar-powered Actun Opti borehole pump, Wilo has created a stand-alone solution to tackle this challenge.

The Actun Opti is specifically designed to be combined with photovoltaic systems, thereby forming a stand-alone water supply system. The borehole pump guarantees optimised output thanks to its high degree of motor and hydraulic efficiency as well as its dynamic Maximum Power Point Tracking (MPPT) algorithm. “The power that solar panels can provide depends on the sunlight – the potential output in each case is determined by the location, time of day and weather conditions,” explained Roman Zielinski, Product Manager at Wilo. “The integrated microprocessor uses an MPPT algorithm to calculate the ratio between the voltage and electric current intensity in order to determine the maximum possible output. These parameters are then translated to higher pump speeds and therefore an increased supply of water.”

For over 18 years, the Baobab Children Foundation in Kissi, Ghana, has been caring for children and young people who often have little chance of receiving a proper education in the surrounding rural area. The village is spread across some five hectares, providing accommodation for more than 100 girls and boys. “We shouldn’t take running water from the tap as a universal matter of course around the world. Until now, our village’s water supply was based on a fuel pump,” said Edith de Vos, Managing Director of the Baobab Foundation. The solar-powered pump has opened up entirely new possibilities. Technicians on the ground were able to install the products and perform maintenance without any trouble.

The Wilo-Actun Opti-MS pump can also be monitored remotely via an app. This means that pump operations can be controlled using a smartphone, even at great distances. The high-quality materials used in the submersible pump’s construction also ensure a long service life. All relevant components – such as the pumps’ motor shrouds, impellers and guide vanes – are made entirely from stainless steel.


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