New Closed Surface Diaphragms for Depa Pumps


Crane today announced the introduction of its new Depa Closed Surface Diaphragm (CSD) Series nopped E4 that will replace previous designs in its portfolio. This latest line of nopped E4 diaphragms offers a number of operational and design features that will improve pump user and environmental safety by eliminating leakage potential within the pump. Maintaining the proven chemical resistance and modular design, Depa has enhanced the overall lifetime of these diaphragms through design enhancements that have also resulted in simpler and more cost-effective maintenance needs.

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“We are very proud of what we have accomplished with the Depa Closed Surface Diaphragm Series nopped E4, as we want to offer the highest quality, most cost-effective products on the market and that is why we have chosen to supply all of our new pumps with nopped E4 diaphragms,” said Hans Ptak, Managing Director Pumps, Crane ChemPharma & Energy. “Through this new line of products and their associated features, our customers will experience a range of benefits that directly address their pain points with traditional diaphragm types.”

The key features of the new diaphragm series are

  • extended lifetime,
  • eliminated leaks,
  • ease of maintenance and
  • easy to clean.

These new diaphragms feature a single piece surface that eliminates the possibility of product entering and creeping between the clamping area and irrupting the air side. The integrated piston avoids burr-formation on the wetted side, subsequently improving diaphragm life and driving cost savings by up to 33 % according to a Crane information.

When it comes to maintenance and cleaning, the new diaphragm features a thread design that ensures a consistent, aligned, and centralized assembly in the pump allowing for an easy installation without any special tools. Repair on the pump can also be completed by hand, achieving time savings upwards of five minutes.  Its smooth, clean surface reduces the build-up of impurities, improves flow and increases energy savings. This closed-surface and single-piece design also eliminates the possibility of particle entrapment, making it easier to clean.

Enhanced durability is an additional feature. The nopped design facilitates stability and reduces mechanical stress while its triple coaxial reinforcement (sizes 25-80) over the entire circumference, strengthens the mechanical stability of the diaphragm.

Featuring a modular design, diaphragms are interchangeable with all Depa pumps. Therefore from 01 February 2019 onwards all pumps will be equipped with the new Closed Surface Diaphragm Series nopped E4 and old pumps can be easily upgraded with a Starter Kit. The previous diaphragms will be available as spare parts until end of 2019.


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