Process pumps with optimized process reliability and flexibility

This hydraulic diaphragm metering pumps, the Orlita Evolution with PVDF and PVC dosing heads meet the most stringent safety requirements for the capacity range 3 – 7,352 l/h at pressures up to 21 bar.

The process metering pumps of the Orlita Evolution series are manufactured with stainless steel and plastic metering units and those with piston dosing heads. Based on modules, they can be flexibly designed as single and multiple pump versions. Up to four metering units, with the same or different pump capacities, can be combined in multiple pump systems. The power ends can be arranged in any position – vertical or horizontal.

For maximum flexibility, the pump user can choose seven different gear reductions. The powerful plunger metering pumps Orlita Evolution EP1a and EP2a make precise pump capacities possible even at very high pressure levels and temperatures of up to +200 °C.

As extremely robust hydraulic diaphragm metering pumps, the Orlita Evolution Model meets the most exacting safety requirements. Features which make the pumps stand out include their PTFE multi-layer diaphragm with integral diaphragm rupture warning system and diaphragm position control. All pumps are designed to comply with API 675. With a huge variety of power end variants, the pumps can also be used in Zone 1 and Zone 2 areas at risk from explosion with Atexstai certification.

Get more details form the manufacturer ProMinent.


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