Uraca celebrates 125th anniversary


In 1893, cousins Friedrich Krumm and Gustav Magenwirth founded a pair of small companies: first, the “Krumm & Magenwirth Mechanische Werkstätte” and finally the company “Krumm & Magenwirth OHG zum Betrieb einer Maschinenwerkstätte” in Germany. At the time, they could not have known this would be the genesis of the modern machinery industry in Bad Urach. From these humble beginnings, the companies Magura and Uraca emerged.

The Krumm & Magenwirth Maschinen-Werkstätte developed their own 3.5 HP horizontal gasoline engine to drive their machine tools. This piston engine laid the foundation for generations of plunger pumps.

Today Uraca is an innovator in high-pressure technology up to 3,000 bar / 43,500 psi and with power ratings up to 2,600 kW / 3,500 HP for almost all industrial sectors, both as individual pumps or as fully engineered systems. Along with the test pumps, which have accompanied Uraca since its founding, today’s applications range from steel descaling to the production of urea, coal liquefaction, CO2 extraction, as well as many solutions using high-pressure cleaning, especially for the inside of tanks and vessels. The current product portfolio generates sales of around € 70 million on the global market, with exports accounting for more than 60 percent. Subsidiaries in China and France support the company’s supra-regional presence.
In order to meet increasing production and logistical demands, almost all production buildings as well as the administration building in Bad Urach Germany have been renovated in recent years. With over three hundred employees, customer-specific solutions are designed, manufactured and assembled here with Swabian commitment to high quality standards.


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