Tomlinson Hall Supplies Pumps to Global Food Manufacturer

Tomlinson Hall delivered 13 pumps that have since been installed in a food manufacturers latest state of the art facilities located in Teesside, which have only recently opened due to unprecedented demand for its products across the globe. Supplying a range of ITT Goulds Pumps in different sizes, these have been located in various parts of the plant. They will be used for several applications including recirculating water in the plant and pumping food produce.

As well as being a distributor, Tomlinson Hall is also one of the few companies in the UK to also be a manufacturer, known for its liquid ring vacuum pump, that can handle combinations of liquids, gases and fine solids.

The unusual combination of being both a distributor and a manufacturer gives Tomlinson Hall a unique insight into the technical and engineering requirements of customers, enabling the company to analyse challenges from a multiple perspective, identify issues and create solutions rarely offered by distribution only companies.

Colin Simpson, Business Development Director at Tomlinson Hall said: “With a strong heritage we are in a fortunate position to distribute for a range of global manufacturers including Crane ChemPharma Flow Solutions, Grundfos, Calpeda, Richter and Lutz.”

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