New plastic centrifugal pump for aggressive liquids containing solid particles


These mechanically sealed centrifugal pumps are made for liquids containing solid particles. Since there are no metal parts on the liquid side, the pumps are ideal for chemicals transfer and circulation in surface treatment industry. These Tapflo CTP pumps are available with BSP thread, flange or hose connections. The pumps can be used for chemically corrosive and toxic liquids as well as for clean and thin liquids like pure chemicals, acids and alkalis because the wetted components are non-metallic, injection molded thermoplastics enabling excellent corrosion resistance.

  • The version in PP-GF (glass fibre reinforced polypropylene) provides mechanical strength and allows liquid temperatures up to 70 °C.
  • The PVDF (PolyVinylidine DiFluoride) version has superior chemical resistance and allows temperatures up to 90 °C.

The mechanical seal is located on the dry side of the pump and is protected against contact with the liquid. In addition the, as standard, the spring is made of Hastelloy C which increases its chemical resistance in the unlikely event of a leakage.


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