Are You Selecting The Right Coupler For Your Application?


OPW Engineered Systems is pleased to announce that Dave Morrow, its Director of Product Management, will be giving a presentation at this year’s Hose+Coupling World Expo Americas, which will be held from Oct. 16-17 at the George R. Brown Convention Center, Houston, TX.

At his presentation, titled “Are You Selecting The Right Coupler For Your Application?,” Morrow will offer a comprehensive look at the factors that could contribute to product loss and potential harm to people and the environment when loading and unloading hazardous chemicals, of which there are more than one million shipments in the United States every day. He will specifically note the pros and cons of every category of chemical-coupling technology, with an emphasis on ensuring overall safety when handling hazardous or dangerous fluids in high-pressure and high-temperature applications.

“Choosing the right coupling technology can be a very difficult process, with countless variables to consider, regulations to follow and different technologies from which to choose,” explained Morrow. “By working through a personalized design and installation process with their supplier, terminal operators will be able to play a hands-on role in engineering a perfect coupling system that protects product, people and the environment.”

The portfolio of available couplings styles – whether standard or customizable – has grown quickly in size and sophistication in recent years, driven by the idea that loss of fluid in any amount upon disconnection cannot be tolerated because of stronger environmental regulations, enhanced worker safety considerations, the high value of the fluids being handled and the extreme levels of cleanliness that must now be maintained at loading/unloading racks. Attendees at the seminar will be presented with actionable intelligence regarding coupling choice and operation that will help them meet the guidelines of responsible business practices and stewardship, comply with strict environmental regulations and enhance overall business performance.

In conjunction with Morrow’s presentation, OPW Engineered Systems will be displaying its portfolio of industry-leading couplings and product-containment systems in Booth No. 702 at the Hose+Coupling World Expo Americas.


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