Sanitary AODD designed to meet exacting standards

12″, 10″ and 7″ H Series versions

Flotronic Pumps’ original 10” ‘H’ Series pump was designed to meet the exacting hygiene standards of 3-A Sanitary Standards, Inc (3-A SSI) and to be used in processes where hygiene is a priority. Since the launch of the 10” pump in 2015, the range has been expanded to encompass 7” and 12” versions, both of which are 3-A SSI accredited. Pipework connection sizes are now available from 1” – 3” allowing greater flexibility.

Flotronic’s 7ʺ ‘H’ Style pump is a more compact model than the 10ʺ, offering a pump solution when dealing with low flow rate applications. As with the 10ʺ, the 7ʺ pump sits on a stand so that the pump can be easily rotated. Gravity separates the ball valves from their seats in this inverted position allowing cleaning fluids to easily drain away. Like with the 10ʺ pump, 3-A standards regarding internal radii surface finishes and plastic parts provenance have also been met.

The 12ʺ ‘H’ Series pump has a different solution to 3-A’s drainability requirements. At 75kg, this larger pump has check ball valve seats engineered to allow drainage without inversion. This avoids the need to rotate a relatively large machine and lets the 12ʺ ‘H’ Series pump remain in its normal operating position.

3-A SSI require that all materials are acceptable for product contact. Their standards also ensure that performance criteria critical to accepted methods of cleaning are met. The ‘H’ Style pumps are therefore designed so they can be thoroughly cleaned in place (CIP) with easy and effective media draining. The pumps also benefit from the innovative, easy-maintenance, One-Nut design for which Flotronic is renowned, allowing pump maintenance in a matter of minutes.

Jane Waite, Managing Director at Flotronic Pumps, says offering the range of low and high flow rate pumps broadens the appeal in the hygienic product transfer market. “Customers seeking low flow rate hygienic product transfer solutions and associated economies such as less air use will find the 7ʺ ‘H’ Style pump particularly attractive,” she says, “while customers seeking flow rates as high as 500 litres per minute will find the 12ʺ pump ideal.”

The Flotronic ‘H’ Series pumps feature the option of reinforced diaphragms and reinforcing plates ensure the pumps can withstand CIP/SIP pressures up to 6 bar in the production line. This means the pumps can be Cleaned in Place using fully automated CIP units incorporating external CIP pumps, without the need to bypass the pump.

All three Flotronic ‘H’ Style pumps are available with the option of BS, DIN or ISO hygienic connections. In addition, they all have an integral diaphragm rupture detection system. This shuts down the pump should a diaphragm fail, so product is not compromised.


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