Pump controller for monitoring and controlling a 2-pump sewage station


EC 531 is an all-in-one unit for control and monitoring of sewage pumping stations with one or two pumps. The equipment controller ensures increased efficiency and reliability of municipal pumping stations and supports all aspects of the LCC (life cycle costs) calculations.

Acc. a Sulzer information “It offers straightforward control and monitoring via floats or advanced control via a continuous level signal. EC 531 is also equipped with smart VFD control including PID and BEP, which save energy, and equipment costs.”

The new equipment controller EC 531 gives instant

  • access to alarms,
  • pump status,
  • level information and
  • trends.

It offers functionalities to help monitor the equipment condition as well as to optimize and reduce the risk of overflow, cut down energy costs, etc. The main features of the EC 531 are:

  • Variable stop / start levels and pump-down to reduce the need of costly sump cleaning
  • Built-in pump efficiency monitoring with performance drop-off / maintenance required alert
  • Smart VFD control, maximizing features available from a VFD, e.g., automatically running at BEP
  • Data and alerts can be mapped into existing SCADA systems
  • Crash log for easier fault finding


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