Play globally – but act locally

Sumit Mehrotra

Following its acquisition of Colfax’s Fluid Handling business in late 2017, Circor International Inc., a US public company with 1.1 billion USD revenue and over 4,000 employees worldwide is bringing together more than 40 renowned pumps and valves brands under one direction, including Allweiler, GmbH. The Industrial Group is Circor’s largest business segment, and Allweiler is the largest brand within that group.

Sumit Mehrotra, President of Circor Industrial Group, explained Allweiler’s special position within the group: “The fact that Circor, an American corporation, has moved the headquarters of our Industrial Group to Allweiler’s Radolfzell location in Germany, indicates just how important this acquisition and Europe are to us.” Mr. Mehrotra went on to explain to ∆ p the strategy behind the Allweiler acquisition, its importance to the business and the ways in which Circor Industrial customers will benefit:

“The Circor family is a collection of “century brands” providing highly engineered flow control solutions for critical and severe service applications. Our brands like Allweiler have history in flow excellence for over 150 years. We place a very high value on the traditions behind our brands and consider ourselves stewards of their future success. Our brands have stood the test of time, and we are building on this long legacy by innovating every day and serving our customers better than anyone else. Circor is our family name, and each of our brands retain their identities as their first names. In this respect, each one has a unique identity yet is part of the strong Circor family.”

“Circor makes a point of optimizing its leadership structures, market orientation and processes before we attempt larger acquisitions. So, we were well prepared to welcome Allweiler into our organization while simultaneously transforming the Circor business. The great thing about this acquisition is we move from being a provider of valves and related accessories to a broader flow control solution provider. Now, we can now offer not just products, but complete flow control solutions. We house the full spectrum of flow control technology under one roof – a wide range of pumps, valves, and accessories – to offer our customers complete solutions for their fluid handling needs.”

The Allweiler site in Radolfzell at the Lake Constance, Germany

“Acquiring Allweiler and the other Fluid Handling pump brands has enabled us to increase our revenues by over 75%. The Allweiler brand is the largest contributor to this increase, and its size alone makes Allweiler a critical part of our pump portfolio. The fact that we, as an American company, have moved the headquarters of our Industrial group to Allweiler’s Radolfzell location in Germany, indicates just how important this acquisition and Europe are to us. Radolfzell is the company’s largest manufacturing site with over 600 employees. Over 60% of the Industrial Group’s employees are based in Europe, and the European sites generate over 50% of the revenue for the Industrial Group. For all these reasons, Germany was an excellent choice for our group headquarters location. This is also a signal to all Allweiler customers that we are committed to this business and this region and intend to deepen the relationships with our customers in the tradition of Allweiler.”

“We also intend to utilize our Circor global network to give our customers completely new ways to do business with Allweiler. Many of our customers are active around the world and Circor is also a globally positioned, reliable partner. We have the resources to follow our customers to many key regions of the world and provide local support. In this way, we augment the global accessibility of our products and services with a strong regional focus. As a company, we can truly claim to play globally, but act locally! We speak our customers’ languages, understand their business requirements and, in most cases, we are present locally in their immediate neighborhood. This power of Circor, which now includes Allweiler, is found in the short inquiry reaction times and rapid and locally available service that is tied into a global network.”

“We are very excited about our acquisition of Allweiler as a part of the fluid handling business. Allweiler will have new opportunities to promote its outstanding products globally and supplement its competencies with the valve expertise of Circor.”


About Circor International

Circor (NYSE: CIR) designs and manufactures highly engineered products and sub-systems for some of the world’s most severe-service and mission-critical applications. Meeting the needs of the oil and gas, industrial, aerospace, defense, power generation, commercial & institutional facilities, and marine industry segments, we market our solutions through 650+ sales partners to 7,000+ customers in 100+ countries.

Established in 1999, our company is broadly organized into three segments: Aerospace & Defense, Energy, and Industrial. With sales and manufacturing facilities in the United States, Mexico, Canada, Italy, Germany, France, England, Netherlands, China, Morocco, United Arab Emirates, Malaysia, Singapore, and India, Circor has an established global presence with more than 4,000 employees worldwide.


About Allweiler

Allweiler GmbH is the European technology leader for centrifugal, propeller, screw and eccentric screw pumps, as well as complete pump systems. Founded in 1860, one of the oldest German pump manufacturers, Allweiler serves the shipbuilding, power generation and specialized industrial markets with an unparalleled product portfolio, expertise, personalized support onsite and commitment to customer needs. Allweiler pumps are precisely manufactured to specific applications and trusted for their high quality and reliability.


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