Large rotary lobe pump for sensitive products


Gea is expanding its Novalobe Hilge pump range with the large-volume. This rotary lobe pump is specifically designed for pumping and dosing highly viscous media with large particles. This new development meets the hygiene standards of the EHEDG guidelines for

  • aseptic and sterile applications
  • in the pharmaceutical,
  • chemical and
  • food industries.

Product Manager Ulla Främke introduced this pump at the Achema trade fair: “Producers’ equipment tends to get bigger, so the performance of components need to be increased. That’s why we’ve almost doubled the chamber volume to 2.1 liters per revolution for the new Novalobe.” The new pump can pump particles measuring up to 41 millimeters, as is necessary with fruit yogurt or fish and meat salads.

The new Novalobe can pump larger quantities at low speed, which is crucial for sensitive media. Främke explains: “When preparing infusions and delivering blood products, working with fats and enzymes, or even producing cosmetics, shampoos and lotions, the emulsions should never separate while pumping.” The new pump ensures that the products do not change during pumping.”

Patented rotor mounting design
When the pump is running, the quiet operation is clearly noticeable. Gea achieves this with its patented rotor mounting design. Precision-ground cylinders for the location and accurate connection of rotors and shafts minimize clearance and reduce vibrations as well as noise.

Various rotor profiles are available for the Novalobe depending on the application:

  • The single-bladed “uni-wing” is suitable for very doughy media containing large particles.
  • The twin-bladed “bi-wing” rotor is the robust standard variant for most applications.
  • A rounded, four-lobe rotor “multi-lobe” helps to convey shear-sensitive products at low pulsation.



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