Hermetically sealed Twin-Screw Pump for chemical and petrochemical sectors

ITT Bornemann launched a new hermetically-sealed pump, named SLW, at Achema 2018 in Frankfurt, Germany. This pump serie uses a magnetic coupling for a hermetic pump drive. With the sealed fluid chamber, critical media with harmful substances are confined to the pump and not released into the environment.

  • The design allows the two screws to convey the product and transmit the torque.
  • The single-volute design is also compact and requires a small footprint for installation.
  • The product is lubricated with inboard bearings.
  • The less-wear parts design leads to low-maintenance, resulting in high MTBF.


The SLW Series pump is designed for various market applications in the chemical and petrochemical markets:

  • Various low and high viscosity products
  • Chemical and Petrochemical products
  • Lube oils, crude oils, light and heavy fuels
  • Heaviest refinery products
  • Non-Newtonian fluids
  • General clean and lubricating fluids in liquid phase

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